Why sleep late is the most unhealthy habit?

Why sleep late is the most unhealthy habit?

Overview – Why sleep late is the most unhealthy habit? 

Hey, my dear reader. hope you are doing well. Today I am going to cover one of the most important question, Why sleep late is the most unhealthy habit? Why sleep early is good for you and long term result of sleeping less. What happens to your brain when you sleep late at night and many more interesting facts. So stick with me, this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

A biological clock – Why sleep late is the most unhealthy habit? 

  • I have written a detailed article on this topic earlier. You can read it by click here.
  • In brief, if I say, then, body start repairing liver daily at 11 pm night. This process will only start when you sleep. By default timing for that is 11 pm to 3 am. If you sleep at 2 am then body only get 1 hour for repairing the liver. If you sleep at 2.30 am then the body will get only 30 min for liver repair. And if you sleep after 3 am then the body will get no time to detoxify the liver. For the longer run, it will cause deadly diseases like liver failure, urine issue and many more issues inside the body.

Effect on brain – Why sleep late is the most unhealthy habit? 

  •  As per research Staying late night decrease your learning power
  • Staying late night decrease the overall size of the brain
  •  As per scientist waking up for late can cause the brain to eat its own cell
  •  Staying late night weakens your judgmental power which leads you to take the wrong decisions
  • As per National sleep foundation, staying up late night strengths hormones responsible for anxiety and depression

Effect on health – Why sleep late is the most unhealthy habit? 

  • Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. This is the most common proverb you aware of already. But do you know the science behind it? What is great in early to bed which results in great health? Have you ever thought about it? Today I am going to give a scientific explanation for this proverb.
  • One factor is the biological clock that I have covered above, the 2nd factor is the brain, now the third and most important factor is our cells.
  • Staying wakeup for late night slows down the process of cell production in the body. And if you don’t know what body cell is, then in brief If I say then the cell is what body made up of. Each second millions of cells die inside your body and millions of cell take birth inside the body. So, on that basis, it takes only 28 days to create to total new you.
  • You have seen this in real life too. For example, if you see someone after so long and that person look totally different? Have you ever thought about the reason?
  • The reason is body cells. It changes completely to make a person totally different So, in the morning the production speed of cells is very high but as day falls the process becomes slow.
  • If you don’t sleep early, its functioning becomes very slow and it may cause death.

Spiritual point of view

  • If you sleep early, then you can wake up early. And the energy flow in the early morning time is highest. If you get that energy for the continuous amount of that, your soul becomes so strong. And when your soul becomes so strong then you will start feeling out of the world things.
  • The other dimension things can only feel through a strong soul.
  • And if you wake up for the late night then you will wake up late. That time is bad for energy flow. You will get very less amount of energy during the day time.
  • That is all for Why sleep late is the most unhealthy habit? Hope you liked it and start sleeping early. Do also share with your friends and family. Also, subscribe to the newsletter to get our article updates.
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