Why people are selfish – Harsh reality of this world

Why people are selfish – Harsh reality of this world

Introduction-why people are selfish

Hey my dear reader, hope you are doing great in life. The topic of this article is why people are selfish. You might think about this question too or felt so many time. So be with me till the end.

I heard a story, it was like this

Once a baby fish asked a question to her mother, mum, why we don’t live on land, why we live in water. The mother fish answered We are fish that is why we live in water. On land selfish used to live.

This is the reality of this world. But why people are selfish. You also met so many peoples or all the people for whom you thought this person is so selfish.

Why people are selfish

Now the question still remains the same, why people are selfish?
Before answering this question to you, I am asking you aren’t you selfish?

In reality, everyone is selfish

  • In my opinion, the self is very important. Because whoever you know in this world is due to self. Self is the reason for any personal or professional relationship.
  • You might say friendship is not due to self-reason, then my dear friendship began with the self, fear of alone creating a friendship. That is why you become a friend of somebody.
  • Even after friendship expectation is another face of self. So you can’t deny this fact that everyone is selfish.

Keep a note that self is not a bad thing. But the important part is what is the extreme limit for selfish behavior.

So answer for why people are selfish is – Because they learned this from their childhood and with time it becomes the habit of every person to live for self only. Being selfish is the need of this world. If you keep doing everything for everyone without any self-reason then no one is going to give you any value. Even if you die for somebody, then the same person will say, this was all your lifespan.

The extreme limit of selfish behavior

* Selfishness is ok till no one is getting harm from it

* Selfishness is ok till no one is being used

* Selfishness is ok till you are not used by anybody

* selfishness is ok till someone starts seeing you as selfish

See, the thing is either you use someone or you are being used by someone both are an extreme level of selfishness.

How to deal with so selfish people

* To deal with selfish people you must have to be selfish (but in the limit)

* To deal with selfish people follow the rule “Never trust anybody”. Selfish people always comes with a smiling face

* Use your experience to understand how a person is.

* Don’t be so good, because in forest straight tree are chosen for the cutting first

* Learn to say no more than yes

* Understand the reality, no one is here for you except your parents. If anyone is becoming so good with you then it is a clear sign that something is fishy

* Learn from your experiences to see the situation, so that no one can use you in the future.

This is all for why people are selfish. Hope you like it if you liked so then don’t forget to share with your friends and family. If you like reading my article then don’t forget to subscribe to newsletter from bottom or sidebar.

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