Why life is so hard : The dark truth of life

Why life is so hard : The dark truth of life

Intro : Why life is so hard

Hey my dear reader, hope you are doing great and enjoying your life. Sorry, I was a bit busy so could not able to write an article. From now onward I will try to post regular articles daily. So I got lots of emails for this question why life is so hard? You might think about this question earlier.
So, I am not an expert about life but I will try to analyze different different situations of life. This is your story so you can easily co-relate to it.

A golden statement about life is ” Life was never easy and will never going to be easy”. One who say life was easy when I was a kid, then you are wrong my dear friend. Life was so hard at that time too and will remain the same.
Let’s analyze your story at different age group

A newborn baby

For him, life is all about diaper change, food, and sleep. For that newborn baby, life is hard because he or she is unable to say what he/she wants. So due to the communication issue, they opt for crying. If they want anything they start crying loud and loud because for them this is the only way to get attention.
Then after a few months or a year he/she starts crawling. At that time crawling is the toughest thing for them, they try to crawl and fall down.

After crawling, the next step in their life is to walk. For now, walking is normal for you but for a small baby crawling to walking takes hell out of time. They fall again and again, but still, try to wake up again and again.

Isn’t the same with your life too, for them standing up on their feet is toughest but they don’t give up and the irony is, it is your story and you have crossed that hurdles which were toughest at that time, but you did it, that is why you are able to walk.

Its means life was not easy even at a small age, but you crossed it in a very good way.

A kid age (5-12)

This is the age group where a person meets outer world people, by word outer world I didn’t mean alien. I meant to say people other than family. A person starts studying.
For now, std 1 book is like so kiddish for you for that person completing that book is like milestone and one who tops in class feel like a king. At that age of time, every homework uses to make life so hard.

Completing syllabus, giving examination and maintaining a relationship with friends are the things which make us think life is so hard

A teenage (12-18)

This is the age where we start feeling like life is so tough. This is the age where a person faces the dark side of society lots of pressure of life, careers, relationships, heartbreaks and many more things a person goes through.

This is the life-shaping stage, where we build habits, try to get lots of entertainment in life. This is the stage where a person is fully what is wrong what is right.
But even at the phase of time, deep inside a person realize, that he/she is doing wrong with life. And when he/she try to improve the situation, then question arise in mind why life is so tough?

At age of 18-25

This is the stage of life where a person needs to chose his career in life. What he has to do and what he doesn’t have to do. One wrong decision at this age can create regret for the whole life.

This is the stage where life becomes so confusing and ridiculous. This is the age where maximum people suicides.

This is the toughest phase of life where lots of ways are visible to eyes but choosing one become tough.

Above 25

This is the stage where the age of responsibility begins. Responsibilities will increase with time and end only with your death.
It won’t be going to easy.


Yeah, life is so hard, so unpredictable and the truth is it is not going to change. For this let me tell you a very interesting story

A saint used to live with his students. One day a student asks him, why life is so hard? The saint answered to make life easy we need to take bath in that x river. Next morning everyone reached the bank of the river. They saw the flow of the river is very high. Students asked how could we survive in that much high flow.

The saint answer we should wait until the flow goes down. They sat under a tree and start waiting for the flow to slow down. But after waiting a week the flow remained the same. Then students start saying if you sit like this, whole life is going to end like this only. Then saint answer the river you are seeing is life. The pressure, flow, and speed is never going to slow down. You have to swim and survive in the same. You don’t have any choice rather than that. You have to handle the pressure of life. As you can see above, life was never too easy, still, you managed to survive.

You are much stronger than you think. Life was hard for those too who achieved something in life.
You have the power to survive in this tough life.

This was all for life is so hard article. Hope you like it if you like so then don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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