Why I am not able to sleep easily: Reasons and solutions

Why I am not able to sleep easily: Reasons and solutions

If you are not able to sleep easily at night then read this.

Hey my dear reader, hope you are doing great in life. Today’s topic is quite interesting, I hope you or someone familiar to you is facing this issue. This is very common things among people nowadays.

The reasons behind not able to sleep easily

It is totally based on my experiences and observations. I had faced it and here to provide the solution with reason that you never heard before.

1. Tsunami inside mind

• The first and most common issue is your brain, whenever you try to sleep, there are lots and lots of things are running inside your brain. It may be about your life, career, academics , works or relationship.
It is the most common thing, in which your body wants to sleep but there is typhoon inside your brain in running and the irony is you are not able to control this. I know you agreed with me.

So, I told you about the problem, but what about the solution.

The first thing you need to know that, you are not alone, there are millions of people who are suffering from the same kind of scenario. So you don’t need to overthink over it.
The best thing to avoid this issue is, read self-improvement book for 1 hour before bed. You might be thinking why I am not suggesting other books. Because other books like novels or your academics book will create more thoughts in your mind and make it more unstable.

However, self-improvement books are written in the way to stabilize your brain nerves. That is the reason you feel good after reading self-improvement book.
The next thing you have to do is, try to do meditation for at least 5 min before sleep. I will talk about meditation in details in an upcoming article. For now, it is necessary for you to know meditation is necessary for you before sleep. It relaxes your mind in the best way.

2. Late night usage of digital devices

• I read somewhere in a joke that people don’t leave their phone until unless they phone falls on their face to indicate please sleep I can’t bear it anymore. It funny to read but not exactly funny. It affects your brain in the worse way you can imagine. In details, I will discuss in another article in details.
But in brief, if I explain, any kind of rays from digital devices gives a signal to the brain to reduce your melatonin hormone(the hormone responsible to make you sleep, higher this hormone,faster you can able to sleep)
So, what is the solution to it? The solution is very common and you might hear many times earlier. Keep your all digital devices away 1 hour before sleep.
So you might be wondering, what you will do in that duration. Then my answer is, follow first step solution, that I have discussed earlier.

3. Feeling hungry

• Food is another factor which gives your brain, signal not to sleep before eating. The eating problem may be due to fast metabolism(Food digestion process is called metabolism). You eat anything and after half an hour you again start feeling hungry.

Solution to this is you have to improve your metabolism. I will write an article on metabolism in our health and fitness section. I will update that link here.

4. Lack of physical activity

• We are living in the digital world. We spend our whole day in between digital devices. That is the reason we are going away from physical activities. Due to this, our body parts are not fatiguing enough. In the consequences of that, your body does not demand rest and you are not able to sleep.
The solution for that is, you have to include physical activities in your daily routine. It may be a workout, jogging, running or any kind of work that provide your physical strain. Once your body becomes fatigued, it will automatically start demanding rest and you will sleep quickly.

That is all for this article, thank you for reading. If you like this article don’t forget to share with your loving ones. Also if you want to ask anything then comment below. I would really love to answer your question.

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