What happens after death – Let’s read what dead people have to say

What happens after death – Let’s read what dead people have to say

What happens after death

Have you ever thought what happens after death? Hey, hope you are doing well, Today I am going to talk about what happens after death. Is there is any heaven or hell exist?

You must be wondering how I can tell about this, I am not dead yet. You are right I am not dead but who became alive after few minutes of death have said these things.

What happens to a body after death, You already know about this. Different religion has a different way, to do funeral of a person. You already know about it. It’s all because you can see the physical portion of the body so you can see what is happening with it.

But the question is what comes out of the body so that it becomes like a statue? What is the thing which decided whether a man is alive or dead?

Here comes the concept of terms soul, consciousness.

What is a soul or consciousness?(What happens after death)

A soul is consist of millions of energy. The tremendous amount of energy that can lit the whole city at once. And that is a proven fact. You can’t see it, but it is the reason for your existence.

How the soul get charged up?(What happens after death)

  • Now, if the soul is energy then it might need to charge up time to time. Like for breathing, we take oxygen, then the question is how the soul get charged up?
  • The answer to this question is continuously it is charging. Everytime energy is flowing to you and your soul is charging by it. That is the reason you are able life the life.*
  • It’s your soul or consciousness that makes you feel you are you. This body is not yours, the soul residing in this body is you.

So that is what happens the soul or what happens after death(What happens after death)

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So let’s see what people said who already felt that

  1. floating experience –As per the Mirror report, a person died during major surgery experienced location of the body in a void space. He was surrounded by light and stars and he felt like weightlessness.

  2. Tunnel experience –many who died for few second experiences they are traveling through a tunnel. And this experience is common among everyone with whom death and awake incident occurred.
  3. Garden experience – Some people reported this that they felt like they are roaming in a green garden where no other person was available, only they and lots of flowers.                                                                               
  4. Out of body experience –This is the thing you can do even if you are alive. This is called astral traveling where your soul leaves your body and roam around the world. In the case of death, some people said they were able to see their body and other peoples. They experienced out of the body experience.

Lot’s of different experiences where shared by different different peoples. But the thing is when you will feel it, you won’t be able to explain it to anyone. But the amazing fact that is reported by the mirror that “A study suggests a person’s consciousness keeps working after their heart stops”.Till now you thought the only heartbeat is the sign that you are alive but as per the new study, the things have changed. That is all for today’s article what happens after death.Read how to achieve goals here

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