Value of time

Value of time

Value of time

Hello, so here comes with the most discussed topic time, there are lots of quotes and stories are present about the value of time. But my question to you is any of the quotes last longer with you? The reality is we all know about the value of time but its all about are you using your time correctly.

I can divide time into three category
Constructive time
Destructive time
Resting time

Let me explain each of the following in details with the thing you can correlate with

1. Constructive time

In short, I say it is one of the best time of your day, in which you do something constructive for you. Either it is your study or your work you do it with all your concentration and dedication. The constructive time varies from person to person and place to place.
For some person, it is 2 hours a day and for some person, it is 14 hours a day.
The lady having the highest constructive time in the world is Marrissa Mayer former CEO of Yahoo and also have a large contribution in Google. She has a record of 130 working hours a week which almost equal to 18.5 hours a day. Isn’t amazing.
But here I am not telling you to work that much but you have to work our study at least 5 hours a day. That’s the minimal for your survival.
Some people are born intelligent some are not, but the thing everyone can do is hard work and believe me, hard work can beat intelligence. You can be successful with your hard work. Now some people will give the conclusion that even a rickshaw puller do hard work. Why he is not successful. Then my friend if you do hard work in the right direction using the minimal amount of intelligence that you have. You will be surely successful.
There are millions of example who were not talented but today are successful just because of their hard work.
A minimal level of intelligence means by using the brain you eat you think you talk and everything you do using your brain, that’s the minimal level of intelligence.
You just need to work at least 5 hours a day. Now the thing is working 5 hours a day right away is not going to easy so try to start with small and then gradually increase your time.
Constructive time also includes your positive thinking time when you think good things.

2. Destructive time

This includes wasting time in social media,negative thinking, over negative thinking or doing the things which are non-beneficial for you or anyone.
I recommend not to waste time on these as they ‘ll finish you.

3.Rest time

This is the most important time of your life, where you give relaxation to your mind, in the state of zero thoughts or no thoughts, fully aware of the situation in which you are. Majority of people spend their time in constructive and destructive ways but skip this time phase. It’s the most important phase of your day, it’s like charging time for your mind. But unfortunately, you don’t give time on it. You have to give time to yourself at least an hour a day to charge up your mind.
That’s all for types of time, now I ‘ll come up with more topics on the value of time in forth time.

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