Treatment of paralysis: Detailed analysis

Treatment of paralysis: Detailed analysis

The best way of treatment of paralysis

Before I start anything about paralysis it is necessary for you to know the know the purpose why I am writing this? If you are reading this, it either means you want to know about it or someone familiar to you is suffering from it. Need not to worry you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to cover all the aspects of paralysis from a to z. In this topic I have given all the details which may help family members and paralysis patient to deal with his or her problems .here, we start about it. Paralysis is defined as the loss of muscle function due to loss of blood supply or disturbed muscle and brain connection.

There are several risk factors which may cause paralysis to the person.

• The heart-related disease which may affect the brain also along with the heart. • Diabetes mellitus • Accident or trauma which may include spinal cord injury,head injury, etc. • Hypertension that is increased blood pressure. • Increased cholesterol level, that is 240 gm/dl or greater. • Blockage in the artery or vein. There may be thrombus or embolus (accumulation of fats or anything that causes the blockage. • Women with early menopause is in high risk Other modifiable risk factors –that can be prevented or controlled are following- • Cigarette smoking • Alcohol intake • Obesity • Sedentary lifestyle • Diet,etc.

Paralysis is of different types on the basis of the area involved:-

1. Quadriplegia-both side of hands and legs (left and right) is affected or paralyzed.2.Hemiplegia-half side of the body is involved that either right or left side of hands and legs is affected.3.Paraplegia- both sides of the leg is affected.4.Monoplegia-only single part either hand or leg of any side is affected.5. Diplegia –both sides of hand and leg are involved or paralyzed but legs are involved more.Note –in some cases there is a weakness of muscles which is not paralysis because initially if there is a mild attack of paralysis it will not affect the person fully and that weakness is known as paresis. Now, the most important aspect of paralysis is management: -management includes investigation or examination and treatment. Investigation –MRI, X-ray, CT-scan of the brain may find out the problem. Other investigation and examination are done according to problems of the person.

Treatment includes –

1.medical or pharmacological treatment-medicine and neurosurgical approaches if needed. 2.physiotherapy-it is the best way to treat paralysis is by physiotherapy. 3.occupational or vocational therapy- related to work training and daily living activities modification.

Physiotherapy management

The most important aspect in paralysis treatment is by physiotherapy. generally, physiotherapist help the patient in rehabilitation(it means to take the patient back to the same condition before he or she was) and also make them independent to live there life properly and along with those activities of daily living should be maintained. Physiotherapist takes all the efforts to help the patient and his family to cope up with the problems facing in a day to day life. now I will tell about every aspect of physiotherapy in which physiotherapist work. Initially, physiotherapist check which type of tone is developed due to paralysis(1)spasticity-increased tone of muscle .thin, or wasted muscle you can see2.flaccid-decreased tone, floppy muscle is seen.

According to the tone of muscles, treatment can be done. Physiotherapist deals with- • Positioning of patient • Movement of hand and legs • Total body functioning • Bowel and bladder dysfunction(stool and urine related problems. • Re-education of muscle • Prevent ulceration or wound (pressure sores)due to prolonged bed rest. • Teach ambulation from bed to wheelchair • The exercise which includes lying, rolling, sitting, sit to stand exercises. • Walking with support • Other several techniques used to rehabilitate the patient is used by a therapist. For more details, you can consult me via contact us page.

Thank you for reading. Have a good time ahead.
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