Things to do in life daily: See the new you

Things to do in life daily: See the new you

Overview : Things to do in life

Hey, my dear reader, hope you are doing. Here I came up with another good topic, things to do in life daily to improve your life gradually. So, let’s get straight on it. You might be wondering what could be those things which change your life forever. So, I am here to tell you those things. So let’s get started with the topic

1. Utilizing morning time: Things to do in life

  • Morning time is the time that decides your whole day, so the first thing you need to do is, start utilizing morning time. For reference, you can read this book. Now first let me explain why morning time is precious and then I will explain how you can utilize your morning time.
  • Morning is a time where after resting period mind start working. Here mind stands for the conscious mind. Because subconscious mind never stops working. So your conscious mind starts working and the energy of the conscious mind is limited. If you don’t start using it wisely from morning then, you will ruin your whole day.
  • So the first thing you need to do is, drink a glass of water and plan your day on the basis of what you have to complete by today night.
  • You have to set goals for today things. And write it on paper. At night checklist that list, and see what you have completed and what not.
  • I know at the start everything completion won’t be possible, so don’t dishearten yourself. Just keep focusing on the next day.


2. Talk with yourself : Things to do in life

  • Everyone who is successful is a great talker. Not with other people but with himself/ herself. They spend a lot of time talking to themselves. My question to you is how much time you spend talking to yourself. Knowing what is running inside your mind and heart? You need to talk to yourself.
  • As a great quote, you might hear, Does not matter what you say in public, the only thing matter what you say to yourself when no one is listening.
  • Start talking with yourself regarding your issues, life problems, relationship problems, goals, and anything. Remember you are your best friend and no one can replace you when it comes to your issues. You are the only one who can solve all your problems. But for that, you need to discuss with yourself.

3.Don’t be a time waster: Things to do in life

  • We are living in a world of the digital era, where people have so many things to do time waste. And Social media addiction is one of the biggest reason for being a time waster.
  • Almost the whole world is in the trap of social media.
  • My dear your brain energy is limited if you keep wasting it on scrolling feed of social media or using youtube then a day will come when you are left with nothing in your life.
  • You are making someone money by wasting your time. Try to understand your responsibility. This outing, social media time wasting it won’t go longer.
  • You can’t be able to survive in this world by wasting time on these.

4.Add value to your life: Things to do in life

  • You always focus on wasting time, by using social media, watching movies and doing here and there things, which is adding no value in your life. Try to do something which is adding value in your life. Stop doing the things which are not adding any value in life.

5 .Be a permanent learner: Things to do in life

  • You might hear a quote, ” never spend a day of life in which you don’t learn anything new”. In short, you have to learn and learn and learn means keep learning something new. Does not matter how small thing you are learning but keep learning. That’s how you can improve yourself

6. Be a reader: Things to do in life

  • All successful person in this world has a common habit. That is reading, they read a lot, I wrote earlier about the benefits of reading you can read here.
  • Read any good books or our blogs anything, but try to read things. While you read lots of chemical processes happens in your brain and that actually nurture your brain.
  • So try to read something at least for half an hour a day. Surely after few weeks you will see significant change in your life.
    And by reading you are actually cover point no. 4 and point no. 5. That is adding value in life and learning a new thing every day.

7.Give attention to your physical body: Things to do in life

  • Yeah, this is the habit you should include in your daily life. It will include a balanced diet, daily exercise. Some time we feel so lazy, and reason might be on our physical body level.
  • So, you have to focus on a good and healthy diet with 30 min exercise daily.
  • You can do anything yoga, running or workout but you have to do.
  • You must add this to things to do in life.

8.Focus on mental fitness

  • I have written a details article on mental fitness you can read here.
  • In short, if I say, then you might focus on physical fitness but when it comes to mental fitness. Very few people care about it. Our brain works 24 into 7 throughout life.
  • My question to you is how much time you give to your brain for its fitness?Think and answer.
  • Long story short, you have to focus on mental fitness too, if you have to change your life.

9.Give some time to your family

  • Just remember, when you were a kid, who used to be your world? Your family right. Then what happened now, why your outer world becomes important than your family.
  • You spend so much time with a friend or girlfriend. Then why not with family.
  • They are selfless persons who need only your time. So, it is must to give them your time

10.Start living in the present

  • Our whole life is ruining because we think much more about the past and future.
  • In the meanwhile time, you forget about the present.
  • The current moment is more important than anything. You always have to focus on what you can do now, rather than what you can do in future.
  • You always focus on what you have now, and what you could do with the thing you have now. .Rather than what is missing in your life.

11. Being human : Things to do in life

There is lots of difference in being a human and human being. You are a human being by birth and you didn’t put any effort to achieve this title. But being human is in your hand. You are here for being human. Do something for needy peoples. Always share whatever extra you have. Do selfless love and live a very happy life and make others happy too.

That is all for this article things to do in life to change yourself completely. Comment your views on it. If you liked it then don’t forget to share it on social media like facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and where ever you want to.

Thank you for reading this article things to do in life.


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