1000 Things to do before you die : Check how many you have completed

1000 Things to do before you die : Check how many you have completed

1000 Things to do before you die

Hey, welcome to another unique topic article 10 things to do before you die. Thank you for your love and support in earlier article things to do daily in life. If you have not read that yet then click here to read

Recently I have come across a Hindi movie Dasvidaniya, it stands for 10 wish before death. If you understand Hindi then its good enough. But if you don’t then subtitle will work great for you.

Basically in that, before the protagonist was diagnosed by stomach cancer and he made a list of 10 wishes that he have to complete before life span get completed. I am showing those ten wishes from Wikipedia

Wishes from Dasvidaniya movie

* Buying a red car.
* Play the guitar.
* Confess his unrequited love for his childhood crush Neha.
* Stand up against his boss
* Tour abroad.
* Mend his relationship with his younger brother
* Visit his old friend Rajiv Shukla.
* Experience romance.
* Reveal his condition to his mother.
* Have his photo published in the newspaper.

It is indeed a great movie to watch upon. Dasvidaniya shows the real meaning of the sentence “life is so uncertain”. You can’t able to predict what is going to happen tomorrow. I recommend everyone to watch this movie and create your to-do list in this.

List of 1000 Things to do before you die

So with that said I am starting the real article 1000 things to do before you die. The first thing you have to understand life is too short too think a lot. And in this short span of time, you have to live your life rather than wasting in fear of future.So here is the list 

* Travel to one of your favorite destination(Things to do before you die)

Everyone have their favorite destination where they wish to visit so, you also have. Then why are you avoiding that? Figure out what is the problem in doing that? Work problem or money problem , whatever it is, you have to sort it out by yourself.

Plan a good holiday. If you have money problem then you can either save money for your trip or many companies are giving EMI on trips, you can opt out for it.

Life is too short and if you have the dream to go somewhere then don’t stop yourself. Take a break and visit there.

* Sea diving or scuba diving

It refers to diving inside water, carrying own gas to breathe underwater. This is the thing you must have to do. It will give immense pleasure and adventure feeling to you. In addition to that, you will get a heavenly feeling on earth. Don’t forget to add this in your to-do list.

* Sky diving

Most of us are afraid of heights, so to jump from a great height would really be so adventurous for you. To see death from own eye would really give a life long experience.

* Learn a skill

You might have the wish to learn something but due to responsibilities and family pressure anyhow you won’t able to pursue it. Then this is the time, you start learning it. I am sure you will get inner satisfaction.

* Time for your passion

One of my friend , who is a computer engineer by mistake left his Job in MNC because he wanted to follow his passion. Now, he uses to sell burger and Chinese dishes roadside, but the best part is, he is happy. He says even if he died doing this then he would have no regret.

I am not saying you to leave your job or study, all I am saying is to give a proper amount of time, say around 2,3 hours per week to your passion. It will give you inner peace and who knows it might become your profession too.

Don’t think about what people are thinking and just do what you want to do.

Always remember, you are solely responsible for your life. You will be known for your deed and not for your imagination.

* Do things you are afraid of

In this short span of life, with the increment of age, the fearful things also increase.

And due to fear, you are unable to do many great things in life.

So break the glass of fear and do something which you are afraid of before you die. Face the fear and be a great person.

* Stop following the crowd

There is a rule in this world that if the majority of people are doing something then it’s the right thing.

But my statement is, if the majority of people are doing the wrong thing then their majority can’t prove it right. The thing which is wrong will remain wrong forever.

So, don’t be the part of the majority, be the part of the truth and let others inspire to follow the right path.

* Create something memorable – Things to do before you die

How many of you created something that will alive even after your death. If not so, what are you waiting for?

Just plan a good thing to create, you will live in the heart of peoples by doing this. Does not matter how small you create, but important is to create something, that will remain even after your death.

* Donate- Things to do before you die

Does not matter what is your age, what is your profession, a day will come when you will own more than you need. And that day, your duty to give back up something to this world will start. Whatever you will have more than you need, you need to donate it. It’s upon you how much you want to but it is very necessary to donate.

Your bank balance and properties will not go with you, only your good deed will go. Till now you have read 9 point, the next point is equals 1000 things itself.

* Find purpose of life and Enjoy every moment of life – Courtsey Bhagwat Geeta(1000 Things to do before you die)

Bhagwat Geeta is the greatest book ever published in the history of this planet. It works on your soul and body together. It nurtures your mind and makes your soul free from the prison. The ultimate purpose of Bhagwat Geeta is to enjoy life with freedom. If you are living fearful, sad, depressing or locked inside your own prison, then come out and enjoy the journey called life.
So, I must recommend to read this book at least 10 times and learn the ultimate essence of life. You are on this earth for some purpose to fulfill. Before death it is must to find that purpose

That is all for 10 things to do before you die if you like this article don’t forget to comment your 10 things to do before you die? Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family that would be great.

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