The negative sides of Instagram

The negative sides of Instagram

The negative sides of Instagram: Intro

Hello, my dear reader, hope you are doing well in life. If you are using the internet then the probability is high that you are the user of Instagram too. So this is the topic I am going to cover today, the dark side of Instagram or The negative sides of Instagram .

Brief history – The negative sides of Instagram 

Instagram started along with the project of bourbon(a photography related project, but due to complication it didn’t get success. The two-person who started this project were Kevin systrom and Mike Krieger.

Then by finding the flaws and improving burboun, they created Instagram. The name arrived from instant camera and telegram.

The app first photo was posted on 16 July 2010, by Kevin systrom. Even the filter feature of Instagram was suggested by Kevin systrom. And due to its fast and filter feature, it has grown very fastly.

Due to its increasing popularity, it started competing with Facebook, so Facebook bought it for 1 billion dollar in 2012. It was a good photo sharing platform. But every day comes with night too. So have a look at the negative side of Instagram.

The negative side of Instagram

If I say Instagram affects directly physical health then it would be wrong. It won’t cause anything like a deadly disease. But what makes it worse is, it affects mental health so badly. Let me explain how.

In this era of social networking site like Instagram a photo sharing platform. It was invented only as a photo sharing platform and not to show how perfect my life is, how perfect my body is or how perfect my skin is. But now it only became the medium to show other people how amazing my life is.
In the fake world of Instagram, every person you follow or see, you will find them totally perfect.

Suppose you follow any beauty model, then chances are high that you are totally astonished by the beauty of that model. You see her photos day and night. Their work is to sell perfection to you so that you become a product for her. After gaining a good amount of followers she starts earning from different advertisers and establish herself as a social media influencer. After that whatever she tries to sell, her followers buy it. That is how she establishes money earning business.
Instagram influencer business has crossed 2 billion USD. Because they sell fake reality.

You might ask me, hey man what’s wrong in that, if she has gained followers by her beauty and using her follower to earn money, what’s wrong in that? The answer is my dear, hiding reality is the wrong thing. Whatever people see by their eyes, everything appears totally perfect. It creates a mindset in the normal people mind that our life is not perfect like theirs.

This creates a sad , depressing, insecure state of mind, which could leads to suicide too.

The 2nd thing is time wasting. You are wasting your so much time and energy in scrolling the image of the person you follow and in return, you are getting nothing.
You are wasting your time in that thing which is neither beneficial for you nor gives any kind of achievement
I already have written an article on social media addiction you can check it here.

A recent research – The negative sides of Instagram 

As per recent research was done by RSPH and the young health movement, Instagram showed the most negative impact on the mind.
In this research a survey of 1500 young people between 14-24 years old taken.
This was based on 14 well-being issues which where

1. Awareness

2. trust feeling

3. emotional support

4. anxiety

5. depression

6. loneliness

7. sleep

8. self-expression

9. self-identity

10. body image( how you feel about your looks)

11. Real world relationships

12. community building

13. bullying

14. Fear of losing or missing

As a result, Instagram showed the most negative effect on mental health. If you want, you can read complete research here.

How to remain ineffective even after seeing the perfection of somebody’s life

You can do two things, first, stop using Instagram and all other social networking sites and focus on your work. Spend your time in productive works and improving yourself. This is the best way to get rid of negativeness.

If you don’t have that much strong will power, then opt out for the 2nd option. The 2nd option is, accepting the reality, whatever you see on any social media is totally a fake world. They are there to show how perfect their life is. You don’t know behind the scene things, even you can’t imagine those things.
You are wasting time in following them, but you are the product for them. They in cash via a different medium.

So accept the reality, no one life is perfect in this. Everyone has their own issues, own problems, and own imperfection. If you keep comparing yourself by seeing someone fake perfect life then you would never be happy with your life.

Always remember two golden statement
1. If you are getting something for free then you are the product for them

2. The more positive thing you will see, the more negative you will be going to feel

This is all for the negative sides of Instagram, hope you liked it.This is your life and you have to decide what is good and what is not good for you.If you liked so then don’t forget to share with your friends and family. For more life-changing topic bookmark our side in your browser tab and subscribe to our newsletter

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