Take your own responsibility

Take your own responsibility

Take your own responsibility

Hey my dear wispros, hope you are doing great and even if not then take your own responsibility. Because you are the creator of your life and it comes from taking your own responsibility.

What is the meaning of take your own responsibility?

In day to day life, we do lots of things and we take credit for good things and blame others for bad things. Meaning of taking your own responsibility means, you have to take responsibility for all deeds done by you whether it is good or bad.

Why people don’t take their responsibility

Our brain is designed in that way that we don’t want to lose. We always want to win. Even if in a real situation we lose, we try to cop up with that inside our mind and recreate the whole situation and then try to win it.

If you didn’t get my point then I am giving you an example, suppose something unfortunate happens with you, at that time you might react as per situation but after reaching home you start recreating the whole situation and also think, if this will happen with me in future I will react like this.

In short, if I say, our brain wants to win every time, it does it anyhow.

So, whenever something bad happens then you don’t have the guts to accept it that is why you always find someone to put blame on.

It is always easy to put blame on others, situations, time, destiny and God.

Show me one person who ever achieved something has done this. You will find no successful person who does this.

If he or she is doing it that means he or she is not successful.

Responsibility is the key to success.

Why you should take your own responsibility?

The answer is, you only evolve in this way and there is no alternative to this. If you take responsibility for your mistakes, it is obvious that you have hope to correct or improve that mistake.

But if you put blame on others you never ever try to correct your mistake and you will not see any difference in your life.

Whenever you accept your mistakes you evolve and if you studied evolution theory then we grow only by evolution.


Life is a journey and you are human, it is obvious that you will do bunches and bunches of mistakes in life but it becomes mistakes only when you blame others for it. So start taking own responsibility and understand the circle of life.
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