Social media addiction and brain hacking: For social media users

Social media addiction and brain hacking: For social media users

Social media addiction and brain hacking

Hey, how are you my dear wispros, how are you doing, hope so you are enjoying your life? In this article, I am going to talk about social media addiction and brain hacking. Not only social media addiction but also phone addiction. So let take an overview for that

Overview – social media addiction and brain hacking

  • What is social media?
  • How social media is dangerous for you?
  • How much you are addicted to social media: social media addiction
  • Why you are addicted to social media: brain hacking technology

What is social media?

Social media, it is the most common thing in our society. Nowadays it is used by almost everyone. It might be possible that you came here by social media too. So, social media is a virtual network where people used to connect socially with family and inconnu persons. In short, if I say then it is a virtual platform created by real peoples to connect real peoples.

It used to useful for business and work related people, but now it has become the youth devastation things. Not only youths but it is a reason for a waste of time for the majority of people.

In one hand where Google is providing needful research-based information, on the other hand, social networking site like facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram are doing their best to ruin your life

How social media is dangerous for you and social media addiction

Social media was created in positive thought, to connect the people like never happened, and it too has done its job, now we can connect with anyone living in any part of the world. But it comes with lots of dangerous things.

* As per a research, image sharing platform Instagram creates lots of depression and stress on the mind. It happens because on Instagram everyone’s life seems to be perfect. A night out, parties, travelings. And those who don’t get it start feeling depressing. In reality, the majority of people’s start feeling stressful after seeing all this.

* Time-consuming- social media addiction

– it is the most dangerous thing, you are paying your most precious wealth that is time for free, to make someone wealthy by money.

* Data leaking 

if you are so media, then privacy word does not exist for you. What you doing, what you are talking, where you are going, what you like, what you don’t like. Everything is not secure. You already heard about Facebook data leaking. It became famous so you know about it, but there are many more companies which are selling your data for higher prices to telemarketers at high prices.

It’s like someone is watching you 24/7, and selling your data at higher prices, how you will feel.

* Fake world – social media addiction 

social media is totally a fake world, where lots of fake things and fake news spread like fire in the forest. You share fake news without proper knowledge and that is why mob lynching is increasing day by day.

Dis-connectivity from the real world

– Although social media was created to connect the people, and the strange thing is you are connected to a thousand-mile person, but you don’t actually care what person behind you is doing.

Real world example – social media addiction

When I visit a restaurant or any public places, It’s weird to see no one is actually interested in real talk, everyone is just busy in the virtual world someone is clicking picture for insta story. In reality, no one is living their living, everyone is just busy showing their life.

I ask you what you actually get by showing your food to everyone or showing your life to everyone rather than living your life. Isn’t you because you are obsessed with social media addiction and phone addiction.

Data of social media addiction

As per survey a person check it phone at least 14000 times a day, have you noticed it? But you are doing it. And this habit becomes that much common that you don’t even notice it.

Whatever I told you, you already aware of that fact, that social media addiction and phone addiction is ruining your life. It is making you more unsocial to the real world. You wish people on social media but forget to wish your neighbor person.

Social media was created to make more connectivity in addition to society you are already connected but in reality, you become social media freak and become an unsocial person.
My question is if you know too much social media addiction and phone addiction is dangerous for you then why you use this, then the answer is here comes the concept of brain hacking.

Brain hacking – Social media addiction

What is brain hacking?

If you don’t know about brain hacking then I am going to give you clear shot definition of brain hacking, it is used by neuroscientists, in this process neuroscientists, engineer our phones, apps, and social media to hook us into spending more and more time on our smartphones.

They insert in our brain and hack our brain so that they do that thing which makes you addicted to their device, apps. And they continue earning profit from you.

If something is totally free for you, then you are the product of that company. Either you take any social networking site or any games like pubg, they use brain hacking.

How brain hacking works

It works by tracking your behavior, for example, you might observe, if you searched or looking at actress photo, then you start seeing similar pics of same actress other actresses.
In short, they track your behavior and then show you more and more as per your behavior.Their aim is to make you stick to your phone. They make sure , your dopamine keeps releasing while using their app so that you spend more and more time and they earn more and more.

Why social media addiction is worse than any drinking or smoking addiction

As a research show phone addiction show the same effect on the brain as of smoking and drinking addictions. But what makes social media addiction and phone addiction worse is there is no rule for leaving it if you understand 10 rules to leave this, the app developer makes another 20 reasons to make sure you don’t leave it, and why not, they get a huge sum of money just to do that. You are just their product, whose time and data values are so high in the market.
Social media is even decreasing your thinking capability, if you don’t believe me then use social media for a whole day and then try to study or work. You will not able to, because your brain is hacked and you only focus on how many likes you get or what other people are doing.
My dear, it’s your life you have to understand this if you don’t then no one will.

How to get rid of social media addiction

As I told you there is no option of escape because the rule changes with time. The only way to get out of it is your will power, the power of your responsibility. You have to understand this power. It not a fight between you and neuroscientist, Its a fight between you and you. You have beat yourself, to get out of it. There is no any 10 rule,15 rule to get rid of it. The only way is you have to understand you are not doing anything new by wasting time on social media or game. There are millions of people out there already doing it. But if you work for your life, work to learn skills and make yourself out of the crowd, then you will be doing something different that very few people are doing.

That’s all for this article, hope you liked it if you liked it then spread this to save the life of many people.

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  1. After reading this article I stopped using my sns more than 70%. This is very worthful for me

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