How to overcome laziness

How to overcome laziness

Intro : How to overcome laziness 

Hello my dear wispros, hope you are doing great and getting all happiness in life. This article topic is how to overcome laziness. So first let’s take an overview to see Overview

Overview of how to overcome laziness

* Meaning of laziness
* What causes laziness
* What is the drawbacks of laziness
* How to overcome laziness

Meaning of laziness

You are already aware of this word or might be feeling this right now or you might felt earlier. So it’s not a new thing for any of you. But its so common thing and admit this point you are not alone. Everyone in this world might suffer from this many times in a lifetime, whether you chose a successful people like Elon Musk or any roadside failure person. If anyone would say he or she never feel lazy then either saying lie to you or to their subconscious mind. So, here comes with the meaning of laziness, it stands for a low feeling of mind or body in which the mind or body are not ready to do anything. It literally means when you have some work to do but your mind or body is not ready to do that work. And it gives birth to procrastination.

What causes laziness? (how to overcome laziness)

The reason behind laziness is you. There could be many reasons behind laziness. I am categorizing here and I am sure your laziness reason will surely fall in any of them

1. Health reason

It could be unhealthy in terms of physical aspect or unhealthy in terms of mental aspect. This is the first reason comes to my mind if I think about laziness. If you are a sincere person towards your career and relationships and still feeling like no to do anything, chances are high that you are suffering from an unfit body. Either your body becomes unhealthy and lazy and it is not giving the company to your mind so that work could be accomplished.

2. Exhaustion of brain

Your mind has limited energy on daily basis. If you keep wasting you that energy in surfing here and there like youtube, facebook or any other social networking sites then a phase of time will come in that day when your brain energy get ended and after that whenever you try to do something brain will not accompany your body and thus laziness takes place.

3. Management

When it comes to management, our human behavior is very bad in it. As per our human behavior,our priority is by default set to urgent things and not to the important one.To clear this point I am giving you an example suppose you have to do something today as per your daily routine but it’s not urgent for you right now, two days later same work will somehow become urgent for you and you do it anyhow by kicking out your laziness. It happens due to the fact that our mind works on the basis of urgency rather than causality. We work on the basis of things which are urgent rather than which is important. Our priorities are set to urgent things only. So until the things become urgent we keep showing laziness towards that work.

4. Not interested

It is the most common reason for laziness. Our mind is designed in that way that it always run away from the things which provide pain. In short, if I say you become lazy in doing that work in which you are not interested in doing so. You always try to find excuses, how to avoid doing that work? How to avoid that mental pressure? That is faced by a majority of people.

Drawbacks of laziness –  how to overcome laziness

Yes although laziness is common still there are lots of drawbacks in it. I am listing a few points here
* There is no limitation of laziness and if you don’t kill it, it will kill your dreams, goals and many more things. So it is very important how to overcome laziness. 
* Laziness is rest mode for the body, so once your body get habituated to it, then you will start feeling pain in doing any work
* Laziness on longer-term decrease thinking ability of the brain
* Laziness gives our mind to do overthinking which itself is a disaster
* Laziness is a non-working period for the brain, so once it gets habituated to do nothing then it will not enforce you to do anything productive.

Now I already discussed what is laziness , what causes laziness and drawbacks of laziness, now it comes to the main topic how to overcome laziness. How to overcome laziness become so important because it is faced by youth of our world. How to overcome laziness become a very important question because time is passing and laziness is stopping us to achieve our goals.

How to overcome laziness

First thing you need to do is, find the reason by going through the cause section, once you find it then I am answering on the basis of above categories.
* To overcome laziness in terms of health, you need to do physical exercise morning and evening at least for 1 hour daily. This is recommended to everyone.
* To get rid of exhaustion of brain, you need to choose between entertainment and work. As your mental energy is limited first invest your mental energy in things that are useful for you, after that if you get time then use social networking site as the reward.
* Set your priority on the basis of important things rather than urgent things. Complete daily work on a daily basis, never procrastinate today things for tomorrow
* Understand the fact, anything which is good for you never comes without mental pressure, and if you want to be successful, you need to handle that mental pressure. It is so easy to waste time on social networking site and in pub and parties but its hard to sit back in a room and work for your future. That is the reason everyone is not successful.

So here is the total till about how to overcome laziness, if you liked so, implement in your life and also share with your friends and family. Share your views in the comment section. Also subscribe to our newsletter for health, life-related,motivational article. Thank you for giving your precious time and thank you for your love and support. For health and beauty topic click here

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