Movies to watch before you die

Movies to watch before you die

Hey, everyone hopes you are doing well in life. Today I am going to tell you about movies to watch before you die. Everyone loves to watch movies. Even I love movies too much.

Why movies could be life changing 

Movies are a pictorial representation of any stories and as our mind understands only pictures so it becomes so easy for the mind to learn from movies. 

Movies impact your life a lot. This is the reason you follow your favorite movie star on social media. You love to see what’s going on their life. You wait for your favorite movie release. So be with me till the end to know the awesome list of movies to watch before you die.

List of movies to watch before you die

  1. A Beautiful Mind 
  2. Whiplash
  3. social network
  4. cinderella man
  5. october sky
  6. pursuit of happiness
  7. Freedom writer 
  8. nightcrawler
  9. the founder
  10. limitless 
  11. creed 
  12. rocky
  13. kung fu panda
  14. Goodwill hunting 
  15. The world’s fastest Indian
  16. Ratatouille 
  17. Pirates of the silicon valley 
  18. Goal 

This is the list of movies to watch before you die. I am not writing a description of these movies because I want you to watch this movie with a very fresh mind and then it will impact your life deeply.I am not saying to keep watching movies all the time, but I want to say if you are giving your precious time of 2,3 hours then you should invest on those things which can add value to your life. Because the thing which is not adding value in your life can destroy or damage your life. So you have to keep learning from good quality movies and who knows which movie become a life-changing thing for you.I am sorry for not being regular with articles but from now onward you will surely get regular life-changing articles on our website. Thank you for your love and patience.

I will be back soon with another article, till then take care and have a nice time ahead.

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