How to move on in life : Your life is going to change after reading this

How to move on in life : Your life is going to change after reading this

How to move on in life: Intro

Hey my dear wispros, hope you are doing fine, the topic of today article is how to move on in life. So let’s take an overview of that

Overview – how to move on in life

* What is life
* Reason due to not moving on in life
* Why it is necessary to move on in life
* how to move on in life.

What is life?

Life is a journey of sadness and happiness, ups and downs, failures and success, depression and excitement, hate and love. In short defining life in a word is not possible. Its a combination of things we all go through. No one in this world is available who can say I never any issue with life.
For me, life is a game and I have to become the best player in this game. Life is a journey then I have to become the best traveler of this journey. Life is a tragedy then I have to become the best part of that tragedy. Life is an opportunity then I have to become the best opportunist in this field.

Here I am not talking about competition, here I am talking about myself only, in my game of life I have to give the best outcome. There is no competition with anyone and there is nothing like competition, my competition is me and your competition is you. Just do your best in life and one day your life will become an inspiration for many peoples.

Now as per topic how to move on in life? First, you need to know what is the meaning of not moving on in life? The answer is get stuck to a position where you are not growing your skills, your life. You are not learning anything and already given up to make things better. It is a constant position where you locked yourself and given up the hope to come out of it.Let’s move on to next section of how to move on in life.

Reason due to which you are not moving on in life

There might be lots of reason behind it but I am trying to put some categories due to which anyone gets stuck in life
* after break up, or a messy relationship – this is the first reason comes to my mind when anyone gets stuck in life, especially today’s generation youth, where people are stuck in their relation, even after break up they are not able to get over that relation

* the second reason for not moving on in life is a comfort zone, we as a human are getting food to eat, house to live in and bed to sleep on and this is our comfort zone, and we don’t want to leave that. This is the reason we are not moving on

* the third reason is not ready to take own responsibility, yeah that is right, our mind is designed in that way that it is not ready to accept responsibilities, you need to understand you have to take your responsibility, if you take it now you can make best out of it , but if don’t do so then in future it will become compulsion for you.

* the 4th reason is past failures or past experience, suppose if you did something in past with full confidence, but unfortunately it didn’t work and you got to fail, after that what actually happens is, you stuck at that point and due to which you lose the guts to restart things again, so you just try to escape from that fear and keep yourself in constant position.

* the 5th reason is fear of losing what you have, then my dear friend these things which you are fearful to lose is not yourself if you earn it by your own hard work, you fear will be blown away, as you earned it from zero and you can make it again.

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Why it is necessary to move on in life : How to move on in life

You might be thinking why it is necessary to move on in life, then let me tell you a great story from a book life a mystery book,
Years ago, some scientists did a simple experiment on a bullfrog. They threw a bullfrog into a container of boiling water, and the bullfrog instantly popped out of the boiling water. Next, they put the bullfrog into a container of cold water. The bullfrog liked it and stayed in the container. The scientists then turned on the heat at the bottom of the container. As the water got warmer, the bullfrog relaxed and took a nap. The bullfrog was so comfortable that it stayed in the container and was “cooked”.
Most of us are in the “comfort zone”. We have a house to live, the nice bed to sleep on, food in the fridge, a group of friends to mingle with, along with some basic necessities of life. What we want more? why should we change this?
But The truth is most of us are like the bullfrog because we feel warm and comfortable, we refuse to get out of our comfort zone, and prefer to stay where we are. In life, we are either creating or disintegrating. There is no such thing as “staying where we are”, so movement is necessary, if you stuck at one place, the world would overtake you, and for keep moving, thinking ahead is necessary by leaving your comfort zone.
The fact is, you will only get success, after recognizing, that the zone in which you are living is actually a danger zone for your life.

How to move on in life: 10 tips to move on in life

1. if your girlfriend or boyfriend left you in life, don’t destruct yourself in that thing, you are not here for just one person, one bad person does not have right to decide your future only you have right to do so.

2. Leave your comfort zone, I am mentioning a quote, thanks as the way of success was full of sunlight, I could have slept, if I found shades in the ways. You comfort zones are nothing but shades, which will give you 2 min relaxation but punishment for whole life, so you have to decide whether you are going to leave your comfort zone for your choice or in future by compulsion

3. take your own responsibility, I mentioned already in this article read this here.

4. another reason is past experience or past failures, then my dear friend no one in this world ever born who never failed. In this exception is not available. Everyone in his or her lifetime failed so many times and there is nothing like you can achieve great things without crossing worse things in life. That is the beauty of life and that is the reality of life.

5. Fear of losing what you have is like fear of losing something that won’t own, like your breathing, you don’t own it, if today plant stops giving oxygen to us then we all will die and that’s true then what are you afraid of then. Even your breathing is not yours then what is yours. What you will lose by taking the risk. Admit the fact you are just energy and you are here to be great, just stop complaining about the situation and start doing your efforts to make the best out of your life.

6. if you stuck in life, then try to read a book or do google with your situation and I am sure of 750 billion people you would not be only one who is suffering from the same kind of situation, you will get thousands of example in it and how they got rid of it too.

7. try to observe yourself, what is best for you and what is not? Your body can your experiment partner, experiment with yourself and understand what you are made for.

8. try to do meditation at least 10 min a day

9. Give right direction to your mind, the pain or laziness you are suffering from give that a right direction by overcoming the laziness

10. if you are stuck in a position then my dear friend, it is in your hand, you can change it by your effort, hard work. Maybe the situation is not in your favor right now, but one day it will.

This is 10 tips how to move on in life

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