Job vs business – Which one is best for you?

Job vs business – Which one is best for you?

Job vs business: Intro

Does not matter what is your current age. Maybe between 15-20 or 20 -25 or above 25 years. This question might arise in your mind. Job vs business, what is best for you and what you can opt for.

In this article, I will give a detailed analysis of this. Which is better, what challenges you face if you chose one and leave another. So, read till the end.

See, the thing is I will not say a job is better or business is better. It depends on person to person. I will tell you the benefits and drawbacks of both.

Benefits of jobs 

* the first phrase come into mind when you heard about a job is security. A job is a very secure option to go for. Because on 1st date of every month you get a message, an XXXX amount has been credited into your account.

* Fixed duration of time – If we remove few jobs like police, medical or some other profession, then jobs come with 9 am to 6 pm duration, which means after that you are free to do anything.

* Less responsibility – it is also one of the great things in a job. You will have very less responsibility on your head. If you do something wrong then someone senior to you is there to correct it. So, you will have less stress on your head.

* Salary at very first month – Before starting any job, you already become aware of your salary. What will you go to get, if you do this work for a month or a year? You get your salary from starting only. So, it is add on feature of the job.

* Get loans on your fixed salary – There is the dream of every mediocre person, to have a good job, a good wife and a good house. So, you can get a great loan in the mortgage of your salary. Wohhaahh that’s really great

* No care for others – When you do a job, your whole world revolves around you and your family. All you need to think about your future and your family future.

Business vs Job

* In the above section I already told about the benefits of the job. On the context of that, I will compare job vs business

* Business is not a secure option. It will be full of risks and issues. There is nothing like security in business. Business runs of risk only. If you take the example of many companies like Yahoo, kodak and many more. Once they were billion dollars companies , but now you hardly hear the names of those companies. So if you are planning to start a business then chances of failure are very high.

* As per Forbes, 9 out of 10 startup fails in its first year. I am not scaring you, but you have to see the dark side of the business too.

* If you start any business or running any business, then there is no fixed duration of your work. You have to work at least 12-15 hours per day at the start of the business.

* No one will support you at the start – If you are starting a business, then there is hardly anyone who is going to trust you or your ideas. So, the route might be so difficult for you.

* Responsibilities – Business comes with overall responsibilities. Anything good or bad if happens then you are only responsible for it

* Salary – The founder of Alibaba Jack ma earned his first money after 3 years of starting Alibaba. Does not matter how big it is now, but patience played crucial in the success of Alibaba. So unlike a job, you will have to wait at least 3,4 months to get any money from it and that too is not guaranteed.

* Business capital – When you talk about business, the first things come into your mind is capital. You will not get any loan from banks, neither any investment. You have to invest money by arranging yourself. And the truth is you need capital in starting a business. Does not matter its 100 dollars to 10000 dollars, but the sure shot thing is, you need it.

* If you do business, then you just don’t have to think about your own family, but also for employees and their families. You have to work, just to give enough food and facilities to your employees.

This is all for business vs jobs, hope you liked it, if liked so, then don’t forget to share with friends and family. Thank you for giving your precious time.

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