Is fear is destroying your life : Become fearless

Is fear is destroying your life : Become fearless

Definition of fear, causes of fear and how to get rid of fear

Fear is a common thing among us. Everyone has something in their life from which they are afraid of.
But what exactly is fear? How fear get informed inside our life. Be with me till the end to see the new perspective to see the face of fear.How you can become total fearless, you will come to know.

What is fear?

If I explain in detail then F – fake E – evidences A – appear R-Real. FEAR…

You might be thinking what creepy I am saying. Fear is fake… ahhhh not possible. Everyone faces fear and I am saying there is nothing like fear.

Hang on my dear, I will explain and clear your doubts and then you will also say, there is nothing like fear.
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So, my first question from you is, What is your fear? When it became your fear? Is it with your from birth or you acquired it due to outer circumstances or incidents.

For example, if you have fear of ghosts then tell me, are you afraid of the ghost since childhood or someone familiar to your taught you the meaning of ghosts and then you acquired the fear of ghosts. This is the reality of your fear.

I am giving you one more example. Many of you have fear of being rejected or failures. The question is when did you acquire this. Of course not the first time. But after failing so many time your mind acquire the fear of that. Most important part is you create your fear due to different different things and that is not on the basis of facts. Everything is on the basis of your own thoughts.

If you observe carefully, then you will see, the thing you are afraid of, others people are not, which means its totally your creation.

How to get rid of your fear

The best way to get rid of your fear is, face it. Yes, that’s true. For example, if you have fear of height then try skydiving. If you have fear of water do sea diving. If you have fear of exam then give as much exam as you can.

There is always a choice for you. In every situation, you are already choosing to run away from your fear directly or indirectly but you are choosing it. But to get rid of fear you need to go towards your fear.

Once you will stand in front of your fear, you will see you are much much much bigger than your fear. If you are a mountain then your fear is an ant. If you are sea then your fear is just a drop of it.

There are mainly two types of fears
1. Fear in life-related things: It includes life-related decisions, careers related, relationship related
2. Fear of things: It includes things also known as phobias.

If I talk about the first one then if you are from the first category, then it is totally dangerous for your life. These things actually shape your life. You have to choose between your life and your fear.
And it is obvious you are smart enough to choose life over fear.

If you are from the second category then, if it is normal and you can get rid of it. But if you have of extreme category then I recommend you to visit physiatrist.

This is all for today, thank you for reading this. I hope you liked it and now you can say I can beat my fear.

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