Internet tracking : Dark secret of Internet, You are under supervision

Internet tracking : Dark secret of Internet, You are under supervision

Internet tracking: Intro

Hey, my dear reader, a warm welcome to you in my awesome article Internet tracking. This is going to be thought changing article for you. So, you might visit some places, where you have read the notice, you are under the supervision of camera. But what if I say you are under supervision 24 hours? What if I say, whatever you are speaking is listening to some unknown person? What if I say, whatever you are surfing on the Internet are not private? Where ever you are going, your data is being tracked by various peoples? WILL YOU AGREE WITH ME? In reality every second it is happening with you, every second means every second.

Internet tracking is one of very important topic you need to aware about. In this world where we are spending 4-5 hours on internet , it become important to know these facts and how you can secure yourself

Some facts about internet tracking

* Tech giant Google admitted they track your data, even your location service is off.
* Everything you type on facebook message gets stored in Facebook database
* If you have logged in your facebook account, then Facebook can everything you are doing in your phone.
* Whatever you speak your phone listen to it. I can give you a practical example of it, you might have felt, you are talking about something and then go to google search and type a word related to it, the top suggestion would appear exact same what you were going to search.

Another example of it is, if you are talking about going somewhere, then you will get an offer from the shop located at that place. There are many more pieces of evidence which shows phone listen to us.

Some more facts Internet tracking 

* Whatever you talk to virtual assistant like Apple’s Siri, Google assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, everything is stored by companies and it is clearly mentioned in their terms and condition. And it has been proven by Google India recent tweet, in that tweet they mentioned why a majority of Indians ask from google assistant Will you marry me? Hahaha, that’s funny but true too.

* Have you ever thought how a majority of apps are free? You might think due to ads they are free but in reality, anything on the internet if you are getting for free then you are the product who is being sold. Your data, your time and your privacy values have very high values in the market. They are selling you on the internet.

And they are not doing it by themselves , you agree to their terms and condition and in that terms and condition you allow them to use and sell your personal information

How to save yourself from this dark web : Internet tracking 

* If I give you a full-time meal for free and in return of that If I ask you, your name, date of birth, likes, dislikes, location, family details, where you go, what you browse, what is in your phone and what your plans for life, will you give it to me? Your answer would I am not mad, in return for a free meal I will give you all my personal info. But in reality, you already have done it.

Let me explain how, when you use any social networking site, a chemical responsible for your happiness and satisfaction dopamine releases for free, that dopamine is a free meal for your brain and in return of that, you share every possible thing with these companies. In reality, your data is so crucial and expensive in the virtual world. Even you don’t know its real value, it’s precious.
* In addition to that, if someone hacks your personal info then your life will become useless.

* So let’s talk about how you can save yourself from dark side for the internet.

* Google suggest you to keep deleting your browsing history time to time

* Use a good quality VPN for safe browsing

* Never share your name, email id and phone no. on any non-trustable website or app

* Never allow so much access to phone asked by apps while opening for the first time, if that app asks for so much permission then don’t use those apps.

* Always keep clearing cookies from the internet using mobile or website

* Don’t share everything on social media sites, no one cares for your privacy except you.

* Be in the real world more than the virtual world and keep your mobile switch off while talking something serious and confidential

That is all for Internet tracking hope you liked it if you liked so then don’t forget to subscribe to our articles. You love and support all I need. Stay happy stay safe

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