Inner voice: Life changing article

Inner voice: Life changing article

Inner voice: Life changing article

Hey my dear friends, how are you doing, the article topic is the inner voice. This is going to be one of the most important articles for your life.

Overview of the article

• What is the inner voice?
• Why it is important?
• How it can change your life?
• How to distinguish between good inner voice and bad inner voice?
• The sad factor

So let’s start this awesome topic

What is the inner voice?

You already heard this word earlier, but do you really know the meaning of inner voice. Your answer might be something like the voice we heard while taking a decision, or the voice which creates confusion inside us.

So, in my opinion, every second of life you are choosing between inner voice and outer voice. Every second means every second.

To clear this point I want to give example right now while reading this too, you are having two thoughts in your mind, one is to read this further and another is not to read this further.

One voice is the inner voice and another voice is voice created due to the environmental factor.

But now the question is, how you can find which is the inner voice and which is the outer voice. As they don’t come with caption hey I am inner one and hey I am an outer one.

So the best solution to find is the weak but good is always the inner voice. The voice which stands up inside your mind to do something good for you is the inner voice.

For example
If you are going for a party by leaving some important work then deep inside a thought take place saying work is important than this party.

But the majority of the time we ignore that good voice.

Why it is important?

As I mentioned above it always stands for the right decision, and the right decision is very much important for us. A right decision not only change your life but the life of the whole earth.

How it can change your life?

Just think, you always take the right decision for your life by listening to your inner voice, always means always, then could you imagine how drastically your life will change.
You just can’t imagine what you can achieve just by listening to your inner voice. As it always helps you in choosing the things which is beneficial for you and your life, which adds value to your life.


How to distinguish between good inner voice and bad inner voice?

It is interesting to know, selfishness, anger, and kinda negative emotions are too part of our inner voice, which might be sometimes become the reason for devastation.

So, make proper use of brain to identify the positive and productive voice as a good one and negative and devastating as bad one.


The sad factor

Now comes to the worse part of the scenario. As inner voice is very weak voice, so the majority of times we ignore it. Like if you doing and deep inside you know that the thing is wrong still you are doing it.

Before doing every wrong thing deep inside you are totally aware of this fact but you ignore it. That ignorance factor actually makes your life more than worse.




Basically, what you chose, you become and choosing is in between external and inner voice.

So, my appeal to you is always to listen carefully that voice, that voice is your real well-wisher, that can make you a great person and that is the only reality.

Hope you liked this article if you liked so do share it with your friends and family and also comment your views on it.

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