Importance of money vs the importance of fame :  Name vs money

Importance of money vs the importance of fame : Name vs money

Intro : importance of money vs the importance of fame

Hey my dear reader, hope you are spending a happy life. Today I came up with another unique topic importance of money vs the importance of fame. In this article I will tell you about which you should choose, to be a great person Money or fame.

Many of you think both are the same thing. If one has money then one may sure have name and fame. But it’s not the case . If you look carefully both are two different things.

Lots of examples are there who don’t have money still their name are being enough and any amount can’t afford it and vice versa.

It is a very confusing topic. Many people want money and on the other hand other many people want to earn money. So, what is important for you? Comment below.

For your convenience I am going to tell you individually importance of money and the importance of fame. Read then decide.

Importance of money-  importance of money vs the importance of fame

* No doubt, money is very necessary to survive in this world.

* No matter what others are saying but at the end money is going

* As former President of USA Barack Obama said: ” money is not only the answer but it makes difference”.

* Dave Ramsey said, ” You must gain control over your money or lack of it forever control you”.

* Zig Ziglar said – Money is not the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen.

* Eating, clothing and living, are the basic necessities to survive on earth and ironically all these things need money.

So, in short, everything depends upon money in this world. So, you need to earn that much money that even the most expensive place of this world seems cheap for you.

Importance of name and fame vs  importance of money 

* For me, the name is more important than money(kindly note It’s my point of view and your point of view can vary).

* For example India former president, APJ Abdul Kalam never focussed on being rich, he gained so much respect and love from peoples, that no money can buy

* A name is something that creates your existence on this earth. Remember all rich people are not respected one but those who earned the name by ethical ways are always respected

* If you create a great name, then you can earn any amount of money.

* One should have to build a name like he or she don’t need to show money as the first thing for their existence. Their name should be enough to get any work done.

* There is no work of money after you die, but if you do something great in life that created your name, then people will always remember your name.

* By the name, you can earn lots of money and trust of people, but by the money, you can’t get lots of respect and trust of people.

* Let me conclude real-life example of name and fame, any celebrity or social media influencer, use trust of people on them to sell the products of other companies and that what they get paid for.

Conclusion :  importance of money vs the importance of fame

* Money and name both are important, in their own way.

* Money is important for your survival and name is important for your existence.

* Money can help you to live a comfortable life and on the other hand, the name can help you to live a respectful life.

* Money can be the reason to work, and creating name can be the reason to live.

* With money, fear comes with, to lose it. On the other hand, if you build a clean name by your good work then, if someone tells bad about you still no one will believe him(that is the power of name)

* In my view, you have to set goals for getting both. But if you have to chose one then go for name rather than money.

* If you earned money in life then it’s time to earn name and respect.

If you earned a name in life, then you already have survival amount to live on.

* Both will take time and patience. Neither you can get the name in one day nor money in one day. Both require lots of hard work, dedication and years of effort.

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Ending with a question what is important for you Money or name?

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