How’s your life going to end – A question you need to ask
How's your life going to end

How’s your life going to end – A question you need to ask

Overview- How’s your life going to end

Hey my dear readers, hope you are doing great. Today I came up with another great topic how’s your life going to end? It is the question you should ask from yourself. This article will short yet going to be a powerful one.

Why this question How’s your life going to end is very important?

In our lifetime, it is a very important question to ask from yourself.

See the thing is, you never know when you are going to die, maybe now or maybe 10 years later. But the question will remain the same how’s your life is going to end.

Let me tell you a story

A boy/girl taken birth on earth. That person grows up with the fear of getting good marks, securing a good position in competitive examination. Day and night in fear of career, getting settle in life. Getting a good salary And one day that person died. That’s the end.

Didn’t like the end, change it, it’s your story.

How’s your life going to end?

But the question here is have you ever planned, how’s your life going to end? What would be your position in this world when you will about to die? What do you want to think while you are dying?

Most of the answer would be formatting their smartphone. Haha right, all secret has been kept inside that. Your smartphone knows all the secrets … lol.

But on a serious note , while you are reading this millions of people around the world are already dying. Just see this live world population, you will see per seconds hundreds of people are dying. In reality,majority of them are not even existing.

And the irony is they do just event exist. And worse part is animals are also dying in the similar way that 99 percent people are dying. They are not even existing for anyone.

If you want to die like this then keep living the fearful life you are living, having no purpose than earning money. And when you will die, then my dear you are still a non-existing person for this world.

If you will die then no one is going to cry for you.

See I am not saying don’t earn money, I am just saying don’t only work for money.

Set the biggest goal for your life. In the journey of getting that goal money would be one of the smallest parts.

Conclusion -How’s your life going to end

Right now, a normal person minimum goal to settle down and earn a normal amount of money, and maximum goal is to be a billionaire. That is the ultimate goal. Isn’t it?

So think about all negative emotion, deeds you are doing and ask from yourself if I will die this moment, would it be the best moment of your life? Is this the way you want to die? I will not answer anything, you have to ask the question by yourself.

Ask from yourself, do you want to die scrolling feeds of social media? Do you want to die while doing a party? Do you want to die just by sleeping? Do you want to die in the greed of money?

I know you don’t want to die like an animal.
In my opinion you just have to do a thing per month just for humanity. Anything means anything. Just one thing, if you have money then use it for some kind of welfare. If you don’t have money then be a volunteer in some NGO, at least once a month.

A question you need to answer

Here I am ending this article with a question how’s your life going to end?
Don’t just read, think about the answer to the question

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