How to increase your mental strength  : Mental fitness part 2

How to increase your mental strength : Mental fitness part 2

Introduction – how to increase your mental strength : Mental

fitness part 2

Hey my dear reader, hope you are doing great in life. I have written an article on mental fitness if you have not read yet, then go and read it by clicking here. Today’s topic is how to increase your mental strength. You already know how to increase your physical fitness, the basic way to increase your physical fitness is doing workout or exercises and eat a proper diet. That’s all. But what about mental strength.

This is the deeper level of the previous article written on mental fitness.

So let’s start from the facts, what actually weakens your mental strength

Factors weaken your mental strength

* Overthinking – Overthinking is the creation of problems through your thoughts. As a human overthinking is so common. But what makes it dangerous is too much overthinking.

* Fear – Fear stands for fake evidence appear real, I already written an article on fear. Fear is another factor that weakens your mental fitness

Over stress – Overthinking leads to over stress. And as per Tuoro university report, stress is the most destructing thing for mental fitness.

* Using too many digital devices – Using too much digital device slows down thinking the ability

* Using too much social networking sites – Social media is the ultimate brain destruction. I have already written an awesome article on social media addiction. You can check it here. In brief, If I say then the more positive thing you see on social media, the more negatively it will impact in your brain.

* Negative thoughts – Negative thoughts have captured our brain by 75%. Even if we start thinking about something the negative outcome arise in our mind first. So it affects badly the mental fitness

* Anger – I have written a detailed between on anger, how can destroys your brain cells. How it affects the brain, do read it for sure. In short, if I say then even small duration anger can affect your brain badly.

How to increase your mental strength

So, we have come across factors weakens your mental strength, now on the context of that I will provide you the solution

* Get rid of overthinking

Overthinking is the biggest problem in today’s time. Thinking is the most important thing to nurture your mind. Even if you think a lot about good thinks then it is not overthinking. But when you think a lot negative then it is called overthinking. Mark a golden statement ” Thinking a lot to change the scenario create a revolution in the world and thinking a lot about problem destructs the person”

* Get rid of fear

I have already written an article on becoming fearless. On brief, If I say then to be fearless you need to face it. As long as you live afraid of it you will not able to live properly. So to increase your mental health you need to be fearlessness

* Overstress

Stress is a very peculiar thing, someone become gold in pressure other one get crushed by the pressure. So, is stress is good or not. Stress is a good thing, it can make you perform in that way that you never did before. But if you look at the dark side of it then many times stress is the reason due to which you are not able to perform. For example in any interview stress is the reason you are not able to answer properly, which results in rejection. So take stress to solve the problems not to represent yourself as a problem

* Using too much digital device and social media

These are the things which are giving temporary pleasure today and creating a dark future for tomorrow. Take any example facebook,insta, WhatsApp or games like PUBG, Fronite or App like musically. tilktok, like and many more. If you see their concept then all these things are focusing on giving you temporary pleasure and fake achievements. So that you become addictive to their apps or website and due to which you forget to achieve something great in life.
See, your brain energy is limited, if you keep wasting it on these apps and website then you will be left with nothing. It not only affects your mental health but also physical health.

The ultimate way to increase mental strength

There are two ultimate ways to increase mental ability, the first one is no thought phase and the 2nd one is meditation phase.

No thought phase or zero thought phase

It is a phase of mind in which a person’s mind become thoughtless. No thoughts, only a peaceful mind. This is the phase of mind which you feel in the morning just after waking up. Morning time zero thought phase is natural and happens with everyone but you have to acquire this phase many times a day to increase your mental strength. Here comes the concept of meditation


Meditation is the ultimate way to increase mental strength. But to be true it is quite a boring thing to start. That is why we all know about the benefits of meditation still very few people used to do it. I know it’s boring to do, but give it a chance for 5 min daily. If you will not get benefit in one month then stop doing it. But without doing it, you can judge it.

That is all for this article how to increase your mental strength.Hope you like it if liked so then don’t forget to share. To read the more life-changing unique article do subscribe to our newsletter.

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