How to deal with negative people

How to deal with negative people

Introduction : How to deal with negative people 

Hey my dear reader, hope you are doing well in life. Today I am going to tell you about how to deal with negative people. This is the most asked question. And in reality, it is a problem too. We live in a society of people having a small dream and long life.
In this world only 1% people become successful. Out of 7 billion people only 1 %. Have you ever think what is the reason behind those 99% unsuccessful people? The reason is short and simple negative people.
Here people could be everyone (parents, relative, friends) Who have a negative mindset.

What determines a negative mindset

In reality, everyone is genius in something but As Albert Einstein said,
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”This is actually happening in this world.

People are saying a negative thing to you on the basis of talent that you are not owning.
Negative people will always drag you down to their level.
Suppose if you want to start any business then negative mindset people will give you millions of advice to prove why you are going to fail.
Let’s have a look at the thoughts of the negative mindset people and then after I will tell you how to deal with negative people

Negative mindset advises are like this – How to deal with negative people

* You can’t do this

* You are incapable of doing this

* If you will do this, you will surely be going to fail

* We are experienced people, don’t do it, otherwise, you will not get success

* Someone x person done this but not able to succeed in it, so you will also not get success in it

* You don’t have that much skill that is the reason you will be going to fail

* You don’t have money, so you can’t start any business or be rich

* Your family background is not so good, so you don’t have the right to dream big

* This work is so small if you will do it, what reputation we will have

* You will be successful only if, you will follow the path decided by us

* This is not your work if you will do this work, then for sure you will get fail

Above is the problem of your surrounding but what is more dangerous than negative people? You negative mind

Biggest problem – Own negative mind

“You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,” a quote by Jim Rohn.“ show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”
What happens when you are surrounded by the negative mindset of people?
The short and simple answer is you also become a negative person. You start doubting on your capabilities, actions, and things done by you.
Not only this you will also give negative advice to others. This is the real scenario.
Negative people are not born with a negative mindset. It gets created by the other negative mindset of people.
When your mind becomes negative, then only you will get fail.

That is the cycle of being a failure. struggle and depression.

So what is the solution to it

How to deal with negative people

* You can’t do this, You are incapable of doing this, If you will do it then surely going to fail – How to deal with negative people

This is said by the person because when they tried to do it, they failed. On the basis of that, they say you can’t do this. Learn from them, what they did wrong so that they could not make it. And act smartly, then after smile on them and say I will do my best, rest assured.

* Experience people- How to deal with negative people

If that person is experiencing a holder in the field you are going to work, then listen to him carefully, learn from him. But if he is saying himself on the basis age, then just don’t listen to them. They are talking on the basis of their old mentality. And innovation is the root cause of inventions. So do it, if you trust on your dream then you don’t need anybody to trust you.

* If you are poor then you can never be rich, Your family background is not so good, so you don’t have the right to dream big

This is the biggest myth. 95% billionaire are not rich from birth, they made it by own. So if someone says your negative thing on the basis of your money, then just work hard, your work will say everything.
If you work with honesty then money will come flawlessly.

* Work is so small and you can’t get success by doing this thing

When you start anything, then this is the common phrase you have listened to. This work is so small, but if you go through the business model of world largest company Amazon , then you will see they work on commission basis business. Sellers sell their products and pay percentage commission to Amazon. Still, Amazon is the biggest country in the world.

So anyone saying any work small then ignores them, there are many successful people who worked on small things but now are so successful in their life. So no work is small or big, if you do any work with dedication then no one can stop you.

* To be successful, you need to follow this path only

There is no definite path for success. You need to make it your own. You need to learn from every success and failure but no need to follow anyone. You have your own life, you need to create your own story. This can’t be done by following the path made by others.

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