How not to give up in life

How not to give up in life

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Hey, my dear reader, Hope you are doing great. Today I come with another topic How not to give up in life. You always heard of the term never give up, never give up. But what is the reality had anyone told you, how not to give up. In this article, I will tell you with a practical point of view, how not to give up. This is an article for every age person. So don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Why you feel like to give up – How not to give up

To find the answer how not to give up you must need to know what is your reason behind give up things. After that it will be easy for you to find how not to give up in life.

 When things happen not as per your expectations

  • You are living in a real world, where lots of situation occurs which is not used to be your expectations or you planned to be.
  • And this is so true most of the time things happen opposite to our expectations. Suppose if you planned well that If I will do this then this will happen for sure.
  • But in reality, something happens unexpectedly then you start feeling like to give up.

 not prepared for the thing happened

  • This is another reason to give up in life. When someone close to you leaves this world. It can happen because death is the only reality of this earth. Or you got some injury due to which you are not able to do anything. Then you feel like to give up

 Reinvented the wheel

  • There was an anonymous island where lots of people used to live. They used to think there is only their island which is on earth and they are only people who are alive. So, on that island, there was a forest. By cutting and selling trees they used to live their daily life.
  • So, on that island there was a boy, who invented a way to carry out the pieces of tree to the main living surrounding. He cut the pieces of tree in round shaped and by rolling he used to take that pieces to the village. Soon he became a star in his village. He thought the wheel he made is his inventions.
  • One day, a ship came there proclaiming let’s go the urban area, this whole island is going to sink down in sea soon. So everyone shifted to the urban area. And what made a surprise to that guy is, the cars and bikes are running on the same wheels. He was amazed and became sad too
  • Same thing happen with you, you do something and then see already this thing has been done earlier and you give up that thing.

not seeing any significant progress and result

  • This is another reason behind giving up in life.
  • You are doing something and you are not seeing any progress.
  • You are feeling like you are nowhere.You start feeling, you are doing nothing and just lost in mid of sea having no clue how to come out of it. Then in this case too you feel like to give up

​Under pressure of society

  • This is the biggest reason for giving up is external voices. People sayings and responsibility pressure.
  • There a time comes when you have to think of your responsibilities. And the thing you are doing is giving no result then you feel like to give up


You started by seeing someone else

  • If you start something without interest, just by seeing others then it is obvious now and then a time will come when you will give up that thing.

I covered all most everything which might be the reason, you give up in life.

Now let’s move to the second part of how not to give up. 

Why giving up is not a solution ?(How not to give up)

  • You can take the example of history, Either it’s KFC colonel sanders(rejected by 999 restaurant owners for his chicken recipe) or Thomas Alva Edison (failed for 10000 times then after that invented bulb) or anyone, no one ever gets success in his/her plan in one chance.
  • If you do anything new, then chances are high it will get failed for so many times. That does not mean you will never succeded in it.
  • It just like, if a wall is broken by the last hit of the hammer that does not mean all other hits were useless.
    It’s life and you will not get everything served in a plate.
  • Every success has the same story first you have to struggle then you will get the glory.

Why sometimes giving up is necessary(How not to give up)

  • See, you have limited time in life. If you are doing something and not able to achieve it after so many efforts then its time to give up that thing.
  • There are lots of things which is not made for you.
  • As Albert Einstein said Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it a stupid.

So, now the question is when to give up?

  • When you tried enough for something and still not able to achieve it, then it’s a good time you should give up on that thing.
    Now here comes the main question how not to give up

How not to give up in life(first find out the reason from above why you give up in life?)

Unexpected things(How not to give up)

  • Its life and it’s totally unpredictable. You need to build a mindset that, whatever unexpected happened, it happened. It was the past incident and I can’t change it. What I can do is, to change the present so that the result will get different.
  • I will figure out what wrong I have done and then improve it in my best way. Remember, you never lose, you either win or learn.
  • In my opinion, you should opt for a practical approach while choosing something in life. There is nothing like surety in your life. So, always need to keep backup plans. In case, your first plan does not work then opt out for 2nd. 
  • It is not done by you only, there are lots of big companies doing it. For example, If you know about mobile company Oppo, Vivo and Oneplus all are owned by BB K electronics. They just created a backup plan. Suppose one brand do something bad still other brands of the same company will keep selling their product. 
  • In the same way, Facebook-owned Instagram and WhatsApp. When the news of data leaking came in limelight then suddenly, Audience of Instagram increases. Indirectly revenue of Instagram increased. It was just a backup plan by them.

Unfortunate things(How not to give up)

  • Life is unpredictable. And with anyone anything can happen. You must aware of Stephen Hawking, a great scientist as well as a great achiever. He was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, in this these a person not able to think properly. Still, he achieved lots of things that a healthy person never thinks of.
  • There are thousands of example in which people have achieved a lot even after the worse tragedy of life. What is your excuse
  • No one is interested in how sad your story, people only interested in results. If you give results you will get everything you want.
  • Else otherwise every ordinary person has a sad story to tell. If you keep repeating the same then congrats you are the part of majority crowd. But keep in mind, you might get crushed by the crowd itself

Reinvented the wheel(How not to give up)

  • In this 750 billion people, you just can’t think your idea is totally different. As it can’t be. Giving up just by thinking your ideas is so common does not serve any purpose.
  • Always remember winner don’t do different things, they do things differently. You have to make your ideas, goals innovative and work to make it successful.
  • There is nothing like competition in this world, except for competitive examinations. If you do your work with dedication and hard work then now and then you will get success for sure.
  • Success is not a one day game, its a whole life thing.

No significant result(How not to give up)

  • If you are doing lots of effort still not getting results, then it might possible you are doing something wrong. Observe carefully about your plans and actions. Is there any loophole present in it. It will be inside it only if you observe carefully.
  • And it might be possible, you are not seeing the result now. I would recommend to select a time frame to it, say around 6 months or one year. If In that period of time, you didn’t get any significant result then there is no purpose of doing it more.
  • You have a limited frame of time, you can’t waste in lots of time trying to get one thing only.
  • But the real problems occur when you see someone in your circle is living a great life and your life is like hell. Then for this kind of situation then read this line “the more positive you see, the more negative your mind become”. This is a line from one of the great book.
  • You have to think of long term before doing anything. As In Google Sundar Pichai told their officials that Microsoft will be making own search engine and soon they will replace Google search engine from their internet explorer. That time no one took him seriously.
  • In 2006 exactly same happened, Microsoft replaced Google search engine with bing. That made Sundar Pichai great, a long way thinker. Today he is CEO in one of the biggest tech company in the world.
  • Recipe of result = Plant + action+ observance+ patience . Lack of anything won’t give results.

Under pressure of society or responsibility pressure(How not to give up)

  • If you are doing something different or doing something that is beyond the thinking of society, they will laugh at you for sure. But the sad part is, you make it your destiny.
  • You prepare your mindset that people are saying true, I am not able to do it. You start self-doubting yourself. And It is obvious, our mind works like that only. Whatever good or bad it hear, it stores it as a file.
  • In that case, I would recommend you to read this line carefully, ” Disconnect your self from the outer world to create your name worldwide”.
  • Focus on your work by leaving everything like social media, social life. Because if in future if you don’t get success then no one is going to ask you how are you?

You started something by seeing others(How not to give up)

  • We are humans and we love to copy things. For example, if someone is doing great in something, we start thinking If I will do this thing then I will also become successful.
  • But it’s not the case always. You need a great reason to do anything great in life. Small reasons create small vision but a great reason creates a great story.
  • To do anything the biggest thing needed is the agreement of your subconscious mind. If subconscious mind is with you then no one can stop you. But if it is not with you then you will be stopped by yourself.


Conclusion- How not to give up

See being a victim is not a choice, being a survivor is. Tell me, 10 people, sad stories you remember, not a single one. But If I will ask 10 success story, you will give 1000 answers. That’s life. Here people do not love you with your inner personality, they love you for what you achieved. Read things to do in life by clicking here
And Just remember ordinary building built very fast, but Rome was not built in a day. So keep fighting for what you want to do in life.

Surely you will get it one day. Giving up is not choice understand how not to give up is a choice.
When you feel low then just remember
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Thank you for reading this, Have a nice time ahead.

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