How do I stay motivated all the time

How do I stay motivated all the time

How do I stay motivated all the time

    Hey, all readers, hope you are doing great, this question is quite debatable and still unanswerable.How do I stay motivated all the time?

So, read till the end…

What is a motivation and How do I stay motivated all the time ? 

I am asking from you, what is motivation for you? Your common answer would be, in that state of mind in which you might feel energetic towards doing your work. You can do so many works in that duration of time.

But what is the problem then?

Motivation is the state of mind that won’t last long. For example, if you decided to complete some work in a week, but with the passage of time your inclination towards that work decrease.
On the first day, you were so motivated but with the passage of time, your work speed goes down and at final day your work remains incomplete. The consequence of that create a feeling of failure.
That is the reason the vast majority of people give up in their life. They start thinking like, I am good for nothing and give up.

How can I stay motivated all the time?

First, clear this point and truth that you can’t stay motivated all the time. It’s like you feel good while sleeping does not mean you continue sleeping whole life.
Whoever is saying you can stay motivated by this way then that person is wrong. Motivation is just an emotion of mind and it can’t stay for long.
So, what is the solution to it?
First, you need to understand why you need yourself to be motivated all the time. Because you can do so much work. In short, you want to be productive most of the time.
The answer is you can be productive most of the time. Productive is totally different from being motivated.
Productivity is no connection with motivation. You don’t need to a motivation for being productive. You just need a reason to that work.
Now here another question, when you are at most productive mode? 
The answer is short and clear when you have a reason to do it.
You do any work due to reason and urgency and not due to the importance of work.
The truth is harsh but its real. You have to prioritise your life things as per their importance rather than urgency.
So, there is a slight twist in the question. Now the question is, how you can be productive all the time, even in the phase of demotivation?
First thing is, you have to understand your life is limited, you have got a limited amount of time in which you have to do something great, I mean that’s the basic purpose of life. You can’t be mediocre throughout your life. It itself is a sin to keep your self-mediocre throughout your life.
So here is my first point, don’t be mediocre or if you are already, then try to improve yourself, your skills so that you can acquire an extraordinary personality.
The main difference between a successful and unsuccessful person is only their thinking. How you think about yourself is the main deciding factor, how you will become in the future.
Your future is nothing but the result of your present decision and present thoughts. So for being productive all the time, you need to fit a sentence in your mind “ I AM NOT BORN TO BE MEDIOCRE, I WILL BECOME EXTRAORDINARY BY MY HARD WORKS.”

Hard work can beat intelligence 

The biggest reason for your demotivation is your perception that you are not intelligent. But my dear friend even if you are not intelligent still by your hard work you can beat the most intelligent person of this earth. Your main weapon is your hard works.
It’s indeed a great line, hereby take bath with your sweat I didn’t mean collect your sweat and take bath from it. I clearly meant your hard work.
So the second point to be always productive is to do hard work as much as you can, without thinking of result.
As written in India’s mythological book Bhagwat Geeta “ DO YOUR WORK WITHOUT THINKING OF RESULT”.


We live in the world, where we are in so much hurry about getting the result. For example, if you do some work and start expecting an instant result from it. It would not work like this, my friend. “ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY”. Everything takes a proper time and you have to keep patience to see significant results.

Stay foolish stay hungry

It a quote by Ex CEO and found of the world’s biggest company in terms of finance that is apple. This small sentence has so deep meaning in it. If I am explaining this sentence in detail.
Stay foolish 
You might be thinking, what this man is saying, to stay foolish ahh not possible. I don’t want to be foolish. Then my dear friend, if you want to be successful and productive all the time you need to make yourself foolish, because if you start thinking yourself as a very talented person then your mind stop learning new thing. The process of learning becomes slow and so your growth.

Stay hungry 

Here in this sentence hungry does not mean hunger for food. Here hunger stands for hunger to learn new new things, hunger to create a revolution, hunger to change mankind history.
If you want to be productive all the time, you need to be hungry all the time. Hunger to learn new new things. You need to hungry about achieving your dreams.


There might be thousands of way to be successful but what decides your success is only you. In this English alphabet if you see B C D, where B stands for birth, D stands for death and what is in between is C which stands for chose. It is obvious what you chose you become. Your current life too is the consequences of your choices nothing else. 
So my dear friend, in my opinion, your goal should be your reason for keeping your productive all the time. You just need to find out the purpose of your life..
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