Health is wealth: Why and What is physical fitness

Health is wealth: Why and What is physical fitness


You are already aware of this quote, but still, there is some loophole it. India is among most unfit countries of the World.

Somehow condition is improving. But still, it is the most underrated topic in India. Here I am going to talk about all the points which are necessary for you.

Let’s start:

The entire essence of life lies in these questions

1. What you are

2. Who you are

Try to answer these questions honestly for yourself and then concentrate on achieving the lost target you had in mind.

Why did I ask this question? The reason is simple, you actually never tried to find the answer to these question.

It is the most important question of your life. Did you ever ask yourself these questions?

Reality is, you lost yourself in this world.

It’s not your fault. Actually, No one ever taught you, how to find yourself. Since childhood, everyone only focussed on teaching table of two, but no one actually teaches you about the practicality of life. Gradually with the passage of time, you completely forget to find out the entire essence of life.

In school/college life teachers say: Mug up the syllabus and obtain marks. In-home parents say: study hard to get a lavish life or for girls get married.

In the job, Bosses say: complete the project and get incentives and promotions.

Everywhere, you are just following orders. You become so much busy following orders of others. In all these things. you forget to give time to yourself to find the entire essence of life.

You are living life for others. You are living life in hope of getting happiness. Wake up man, it’s your life. It’s once in a lifetime offer. You will never get this lever

So, I am starting with topic health:

To get and enjoy any kind of success and happiness, first, you need to be fit physically as well as mentally. As Ratan Tata also said Health is real wealth. But we get this point so late in our life.

To enjoy anything in your life, you need to be healthy. But it is also one of the underrated things. So let’s discuss in detail.

Physical fitness

You are already aware of term physical fitness. But my question is how physically fit you are? You already know, how to be physically fit. You need to take good diet, need to do cardio, workout, exercise, yoga etc. But my question is how much you are responsible for your health. In exercise part, you just need to provide your body 30-40 min a day. It would be enough for you. Your body is incapable to take care of itself and you have to take care of it.

But my point of concern is the diet part. People are crazy about food. Some people even say they are alive only to eat. People go to the wedding just to eat. Even after doing exercises, many people eat everything and give excuse I do exercises so its ok. If you are one of them, then it’s not ok. It’s your body, you have to understand the real value of your body.

Other kinds of people who do physical activities take a good diet, but sometimes they take cheat meals by saying it’s okay for every once in a while. If you are in this category, then my dear you have to strict, it’s your health and on and off junk food is very dangerous for you.


Our life is more valuable and more important than anything.

You have to understand now that this body you get is of millions of dollars.

Don’t spoil it for temporary pleasure.

Your physical body will decide the thinking power of your mind.

To think better, you need to work on your body. If you give excuse I don’t have time. Then you are actually inviting lots of disease by not giving time to your body. Physical fitness is a must. And your efforts to make yourself physically fit is necessary. Either you take care of yourself now or medicine will become necessary for your survival later on. Stop giving the quote it’s a four days life, eat drink and live a happy life. By this attitude, you would neither able to live nor able to die.

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