How to be happy alone – 15 tips teach you to be happy alone

How to be happy alone – 15 tips teach you to be happy alone

How to be happy alone: Intro

Very good morning to all wispros, hope you are living a happy life. If not so then after reading this you ‘ll become happy for sure. The topic of this article is how to be happy alone. This statement is itself funny for some people and itself serious for some people. Some people say no one can be happy alone, on the other hand, side some people say you can’t be happy alone, you need friends or a group of people to be happy. So first start this topic with the answer to this question could you be happy alone? The answer is you born alone, you suffer alone, you bear pain alone and you die alone so why you can’t be happy alone. You can be happy alone and in this article how to be happy alone I will tell you about that only. So first take an overview

Overview – How to be happy alone

  • What is happiness
  • Why being alone is good for you
  • How to be happy alone

So, let’s start with the topic here.

What is happiness

Happiness matters from person to person. For some person it is money, for some person, it’s doing good for somebody. For some person its watching comedy show, for some person it is fulfilling their dreams and for some person spending time in a group of friends and family. In short, more than 99 percent person have attached the happiness with somebody, something or some possibilities or some expectations.That is the reason no one is happy in this world. As long as you keep attaching your happiness with the above things, you will never be happy.
Now whatever I said you already have heard or read but the point is, being of aware of the facts why you attach our happiness with things or person? The short and simple answer is you are habituated to do it. It is your lifestyle to do it. Your brain has been nourished on that way that it becomes like robotics. It’s not your fault because that is what this world is living on. You are fed with a program called happiness is a thing that can be achieved only when you do something good or great or you need someone to be happy. But in reality, happiness is a choice irrespective of what your situation is.
If you go through Indian mythology then you must know about Lord Sri Krishna, he used to smile all the time irrespective of the situation. You can learn a lot from him.
My dear friend happiness is a choice and situations are automatic. You can’t control the situation, you can’t beg someone to be in your life, what you can do is, you can be happy without anyone or anything. That is a phase you can know the real meaning of happiness.

Why being alone is good for you – how to be happy alone

The biggest truth of your life is, ‘You are alone’. Everyone is with you in the days of light, but in darkness, even your shadow leaves you. You have to understand this fact as soon as possible. Let me give you, An example:

Does not matter, you have 500 WhatsApp friends, but when you are in danger you will find one, two or no one. You know why because it is not a real world. Or In the world where you are used to hanging out with friends is a real world? I am asking you What will actually matter after 5 years, how many friends you have? Or how successful are you?

Definitely, your answer would be the 2nd one, everyone wants to be Sun but no one wants to burn themselves.
You are conscious of the fact that if you will not get success, anyone would not be going to ask your condition. So, although by knowing this fact, you are ruining your life in the virtual world of friends, fun etc. My dear friend, it’s your life, trust me, no one is a friend of a poor.

In short either you make a friend or make life, the choice is all yours. The fact is, no is actually your friend.
Then you will ask me, what I ‘ll do alone without friends? My answer is, become a friend of yourself, know yourself better, recognize the real power of yourself.

In childhood, An Indian serial Shakhtimaan(man with superpowers) was there, in the title song of that, A phrase, was present
When a person knows himself deeply he becomes Shaktimaan(man with superpowers).
How deep meaning phrase it is, but we never understood the meaning of that line, we always thought Shaktimaan was a superhero. But Let me tell you a fact, you are a superhero, you have unlimited powers, that you never think of you could have. For that, you need to know yourself.

But what If I ask you, how much you know yourself? How much time do you spend daily to know yourself?

You would be surprised by the answer, but the truth is, you don’t know yourself a bit and spend not even a single minute in a day with yourself because you don’t have time for that. Now I ask you, why don’t you spend time with yourself? Your answer would be I am busy, but my dear friend busy is a myth, people can find time for all those persons who are important for them. It means you are not important for yourself, you are not giving value to yourself. Without giving value to yourself, you want other people to give respect to you. How can you expect that my dear friend?
Many of us spend quality time with lovable ones, but in fulfilling the gap of other’s heart, we make ourselves all alone.
You always try to find someone like yourself in the whole world, but no one is like you except yourself. So, try to spend at least an hour daily alone, far from the crowd of this world, it will give that all the thing you want from your life.

How to be happy alone – 15 tips to be happy alone

Before starting with tips to be happy, first, let me answer why you are asking for this question how to be happy alone? The possible answer might be you are in bad friend circle which you want to leave or the girl you love, she is not appreciating your love or you are unhappy with your family or you are unhappy with your society.
First try to find the answer, if you have another reason for asking question how to be happy alone the comment below.

1. Start spending time with yourself daily(start from 15 min), in that duration of time just do nothing, no phone, no friends, no tv, no work just absolutely nothing. Keep the hand on your heart and feel the heartbeat that you never have done before.

2. Next thing you should do to be happy alone is make yourself busy at work, as the much time you spend without any work the much you feel like you are alone.

3. Talk with your mother, as she is with you since birth and always be with you till your death, talk with her. Ask her how is she doing, how she feels and many more.

4. Make yourself free from fear of losing anybody in life. The more you become fearful of losing somebody, some person the more you become unhappy in life.

5. Listen to music, as listening to music won’t need a group of friends, you just need a headphone or earphone.

6. Sit in the park alone and observe the plants, animals, and people around you and try to learn something from them

7. Meditate for at least 10 min a day.

8. Try to read books which improve your personalities like self-improvement books and article.

9. Invest your time in increasing your skills and knowledge.

10. If your friends are not good enough or not adding values in your life, then they are destructing your life, so leave them alone and live alone

11. If you have gf/bf who is not appreciating your presence then my dear friend nothing is worse than doing lots of efforts still not getting anything. So leave them, nothing is above your dignity.

12. Understand your responsibility, you are on earth to make yourself great around the world and not around only friend circle.

13. Understand the fact you are living in the neutral world, where no one is your friend and no one is your enemy, everyone acts as per situation and self reasons.

14. Understand the fact, you are your best teacher, your best friend, no one will care for you more than you do to yourself

15. Write your goals on a paper and paste it everywhere in your room, so that you will know what’s you have to do and no distraction will take place.

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