How to get superpowers: Become a superhuman

How to get superpowers: Become a superhuman

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Overview – how to get superpowers

Hey my dear wispros, hope you are doing great. Today I am again with another unique topic how to get superpowers. Isn’t great topic, but what if I say your body already have some powers. You just need to explore and activate those superpowers.
In this article, I will tell you about the superpowers present in your body and how to get superpowers. So let’s take an overview

* People who have already have superpowers from birth

* What superpowers your body already have

* how to get superpowers

So, let’s start with the topic

 People who have already have superpowers from birth: how to get superpowers

Velu Rathakrishnan (Mr teeth) –

he has power to pull train just by teeth, 260-tonne train by 13 feet as per Guinness book of world record

Kevin Richardson-

If we see some dangerous wild animals, we start feeling afraid but there is a person named Kevin Richardson who can talk with dangerous animal like lions, tigers etc as same as we talk to a human. This thing is not so common, so I put it into superpower category

Tim Cridland –

no pain on any part of the body, yeah you heard it right, this person does not feel any pain

Eye-popping man( Claudio Paulo Pinto ) –

he has the power to pop his eye out by 4 cm, which is almost 95% eye out.

Thai Ngoc (A man who never sleeps Vietnam) –

After 1973 this man never slept for a second, still his body is working and responding normally, isn’t so great.

There is lot more example of that kind of man, but the motto of this article is how to get superpowers, mean you want to achieve superpowers. So, let me tell you about superpowers you already have.

What superpowers your body already have and how to get superpowers

1. Telepathy

It is the thing you already experience, it means if you are thinking about anybody, and instantly you get a call from the same person, you call it coincident but in reality, it is telepathy. In this process your mind signal travels to that person mind and trigger a thought to call or meet you, that’s how this telepathy works. And the thing here to notice is, you already experienced it before. It clearly shows you have telepathic power. You just need to fine tune it.

2. Clairsentience

it is another superpower, your already own. In this superpower, you can feel the negative and positive energy of any person, place or object. You might felt this earlier that you went somewhere and you started feeling bad at that place. You start feeling uneasy. That feeling is called Clairsentience.

3. Psychomancy

it is a mental power that you need to acquire, in this power, if you see any object, you can tell everything about that object. It is hard to gain but not impossible.

4. Supervision 

if you see the twinkling of a star, it means you have supervision. Because the stars you are seeing take 2.5 million years to reach on earth. So you can figure out the power of your supervision.And you know the megapixel of your eye, its 576 megapixel. It’s just unbelievable

5. Temperature controlling power (how to get superpowers)

Your brain has the power to control your body temperature, does not matter what is outer temperature, it will remain unaffective on your body, but again you have to acquire it. To acquire this you need to convince your mind to start controlling your mind, it won’t happen in one time. But with practice, you can achieve it.

6. Super strength(how to get superpowers)

When you see any wrestler or bodybuilder, you think he is so powerful, but in reality, you have much more power. In emergency situation, a part of brain hypothalamus releases chemical adrenalin, which makes you much more powerful human than you are. By this, you can lift car, tractor or anything alone. Isn’t great.

The great thing in this superpower is, your brain doesn’t know the difference in reality and imagination. So, somehow if you can convince your mind that it is an emergency situation of death and life, then it will release the same chemical and you can feel this superpower

7. Telekinesis

it is a great super power you can achieve. By this power, you can change the position of any object without touching it. This is the thing you can do by a consistent meditation at 4 am in the morning.

7. Astral traveling (out of the body experience) : how to get superpowers

What you feel, if I say whatever dream you see, is real. Your soul actually travels here and there after you sleep. Yes, this is true. When you sleep your soul start wondering by going out of your body. And whatever dream you are seeing is actually happening in the parallel universe.

To achieve this you just need to lay down on a bed and does not matter what is happening in your body, you just have to be still. You have to convince your mind that you are sleeping. And with the practice of the time, one day you will start seeing your soul going out of the body.

9.Law of attraction(how to get superpowers)

You already heard about this, this is a power of subconscious mind. The best part is, you don’t have to do anything to acquire it. You already have it. In this power, you just have to channelize your whole energy in a direction of thing you want to achieve. And soon a time will come when you will get it. To read more about power of subconscious mind Read this book

10. The power of truth

It is a very important superpower that you own. It is the power of knowing the truth that you are energy. And everyone you are seeing is same energy. Everyone living on this earth is nothing but energy. And it is same energy that you are made up of. So, no one is weak, no one is strong, everyone is just energy.

How to get superpowers

I already told in some point how you can achieve that particular superpower. Now here I am going to give you a clear one way how to get superpower is, meditation or power of no thought or zero thought. As I told in point no. 10 above that our body is made up of energy and the more energy we get the more powerful we become.

So when you start doing meditation, you start receiving energy that is flowing from upside. And Why I recommend it, doing in morning because at 4 am maximum population of the world are in sleep mode. So, that is the time when the flow of energy is maximum. So whenever you do it, it will make your brain powerful than ever.

And if you do it continuously I bet you, no one can stop you in achieving the superpowers I discussed. Not only this you can get much more than anyone could explain…

If you can’t do it in morning then do it before sleeping at least 20 min. Once you understand your inner power, I bet you, you will start feeling out of the world.

To read about Brain hacking click here

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