Follow your passion – Most important thing for success really?

Follow your passion – Most important thing for success really?

Follow your passion: Intro

Hello my dear readers, hope you are doing great in life. Follow your passion. Today’s topic is very interesting and might be very common. The topic is,follow your passion. How much you are passionate about your passion? Have you ever thought, what exactly is a passion?
Is it real, following passion give you success for sure? Having passion is really necessary for life to get successful? Every question related to passion would be answered here.
In today’s world, most people are not happy with their work or job. They want to do something different. But they are not able to do because they got stuck into job security or they just want to play safely in life.
If you are in this kind of situation then read this article. I am damm sure it will solve your issue and help you in making the right decision.

What is passion- Follow your passion

Passion is a kind of passion itself. If you are passionate about doing some kind of work, then you can do it without getting paid for it. That’s the sentence you have heard till date.
But I Won’t talk in bookish language, I am here to give you a practical solution.
So in one sentence if I say what is passion then answer would be the things which give you real inner satisfaction and happiness is passion. But the harsh reality of this world is happiness does not keep your survive for long. So, you need money. 
For that purpose, you need to know how to in case your passion. 
For example Rap singer Eminem, he had a passion for rap, but he also knew, in cashing the passion is important. That’s why he is today rap god.
Yes, it is true you follow your passion but knowing how to in cash money from passion is necessary for your survival. You have to earn to survive and if you just follow your passion without having any financial backup then you will get crushed in the race of life

Do the following passion surely give you success 

The answer is no. Passion is not the only key to success. There are lots of factors involved in a person’s success. Passion is just the beginning of the journey. Rest of the journey depends upon the way you responds to failure, your hard work, your attitude towards problems and many more things. That is the reason many people don’t get success despite being a very passionate person.
But it is also important to note, passion is needed to achieve great success in life.

Right time follow your passion

There is no right time to follow your passion. There are millions of example who followed their passion after 30s, 40s. Still got huge success in life. 
I am not to saying following a passion is bad, I am just saying you need a financial backup. That financial backup may be your parents, your current job or your savings.
You can’t deny the fact that you need money even to follow your passion. For example, if your passion is playing the guitar then you need money to buy a guitar.
Invest time in improving your passion
Understand this fact, if you have passion does not mean you are perfect at it. You need to invest lots of time into improving your skills. And if you learn something then you would have to go through mental and physical pain.
If you are fully prepared to go through all traumas then no one could stop you in getting success in your passion.

Passion vs Job which is good?

Here, With terms Job, I am not quoting those who do a job of their choice. Here I am just quoting those people who are just doing a job for money and don’t have an interest in their work.
The first thing you need to understand Passion can give you the unlimited amount of pleasure as well as money, but in the job in which you are not interested won’t give you any success in life. You won’t be able to make your own name by doing such kind of job.

When to opt for Passion

You can opt for passion without thinking if you are below 25 years age because this is the age of experiments. You can do lots of experiments during this age.
But if you are above 25 years, then you need to pre-plan everything. You need to save some money so that you can invest it for your survival and in your passion.
See your life is limited and if you want to do many things in your life, then you need to be quick with your decision. Don’t spare so much time taking every decision.
Always keep a backup plan. This is the most necessary thing. There is no security in anything. It might possible you will get fail in your passion. In that case, you need a backup plan for your survival and responsibilities.
If you are so confident about your passion and also have a backup plan then go for it, no one could stop you.
Role of passion is very important in life. If you liked this article then don’t forget to share with your friends and family.Till then take care, have a nice day ahead
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