Failure in life – How to convert failure in success

Failure in life – How to convert failure in success

Failure in life – Intro

It is the most common word you ever heard. Today’s topic is Failure in life. Everyone reading this is familiar with this word and might be possible you failed so many times. So in today’s article, I am going to discuss in details about the failure.

What is failure in life?

  • Its definition varies from person to person and situation to situation.
  • For example, for someone failure is not getting good marks. For someone, failure is getting rejected is a failure. For someone, failure is not achieving the goals he or she wanted to and for someone not getting a good partner is a failure.
  • Failure is a state of mind that is responsible for losing self-esteem, self-confidence, and guts to do the same thing again.
    Yeah you heard it right, failure is nothing else but excuse that your mind creates so that you don’t have to do the same thing again and feel bad for it. Because the mental pain mind has to suffer after getting failed is so bad for it.
  • Getting failed in something is not a failure but giving up is a failure. Bounce back is a success and giving up is a failure

What are the reasons for failure in life?

There are many reasons for failure

• not well prepared – Failure in life

  • It is one of the common reason of failure. You do something without well prepared and that is the reason for failure. For example, you get the whole year for study but exactly you waste the whole year and start studying only during the examination, and then you get low marks and start feeling like a failure. So the thing you have to do is, prepare well for everything you want to do in life.
  • Preparation plays a very important role in success. If you take an example of Micheal Phelps A world champion swimmer, then you can see the way he prepares. He spends almost 18-20 hours a day in water for practice. 
  • People only see results and achievement, but if you want to be successful then you have to go through mental and physical pain 

• Not well planned:

  • Planning plays a major role in life. It is the deciding factor of your life. But my question to you is how much time you spend on planning for your life? .
    For example, you do well planning for your holidays trip, spend lots of time thinking about what to do or what not to do. But how much time you spend in thinking of life direction.
  • Before leaving from house to some unknown destination you use google maps. Because that is the way you plan the way. My question to you while selecting a goal for yourself, how much time you spend in making a road map for reaching that goal? 
  • So do good preparation for doing every serious thing related to life. Well, preparation clearly means you do well planning on the basis of reality and not the basis of your imagination.READ ABOUT GOAL SETTING HERE


  •  Comparison:

  • This is the biggest reason for failure, demotivation, and low esteem.
  • For example, if you see someone getting success, you start comparing yourself to that person. And the consequence of that, you start feeling low, you lose interest in your work. This is the reason for failure.
  • Let me tell you, the person with whom you are comparison has been in the same situation earlier, but he or she didn’t give up and that is the reason for his or her success. Every human brain has the same capability and in term of functionality, every brain is the same. So whoever got successful is the person who conquered their brains.

Why failure is not a problem?

  • In my opinion, failure is better than success. Suppose if you do something and get success in the first attempt then you become egoistic. You start thinking you can do everything. But in terms of reality you can do many things but not everything, its harsh reality.
  • There are many things which are not made for you and even after so many efforts, you can able to achieve that thing. So failures make you down to earth person as well as teach you to value the things you have earned after lots of effort.

Why failure is a problem?

  • In today’s World, failure becomes the reason for suicide, depression, anxiety, stressful life.
  • Even in a country like India, student do suicide even after getting low marks in class 10 th examination.
  • The only reason for suicide in this World is failure. Yeah, reasons of failures might be different for person to person but the sole reason for suicide is a failure.
  • In addition to suicide, many diseases like hypertension, high bp, extra stress on the brain are caused due to failure in life.
  • Everyone wants to be successful but no one wants to face failures. But the key to the lock called success in only failures.
    Failures are not the problem but they are the best teacher, which teaches us what is the drawbacks in our efforts.

How to get rid of failures in life?

  • The first thing you need to understand neither success nor failure is life.
    Both are parts of life and not life. It defines what you achieved and not what you can achieve. It defines your profession and not your personality.
  • In short, if you have life, then things may happen up and down. Life could not be constant all the time. I am quoting the heartbeat meter example, you surely have seen the up-down curve of that meter and that is the only sign that shows you are alive. The constant line shows you are dead.
  • So the first thing you have to do is, accept the truth that its life and not everything will happen as per your expectations.
  • Yeah, that’s right, if anything not happens as per your expectation, you treat it as the failure.
  • Face the truth, life is a journey and this journey won’t be always easy. You will have to face problems, failures, disappointments, sadness and many more. There is no alternative to this. Everyone you know who are successful in life had faced these things many times in life. But they focussed on the solution to get out of it and that is the reason they are successful. Don’t just be judgemental on the basis of results, know the journey and then decide.

Second thing- Failure in life

  • If you already failed, then observe the things carefully, find out your mistakes and try to improve them.
  • Finding out own mistakes is the toughest thing. You generally have a habit to put blame on others for your failures. But you need to take responsibility for your deeds. If a thing does not work then take responsibility for that. If you can’t take responsibilities of your mistakes then I am sorry my dear you could not be able to convert your failures in success.
  • Stop comparing: Everyone has their own story, own life. It might be possible someone who is younger than you achieved so many things and you feel like a failure due to that. But, it’s your life and you have to live your life in your own way. Don’t demotivate yourself by comparing yourself to others.

If you do hard work in life then now and then you ‘ll become successful in life. Hard work can beat intelligence. So don’t worry if you are not intelligent, you just do hard work and I am sure you ‘ll become successful.Thank you for giving your valuable time. Suggest your problems in the comment section and I will try to explain the solution.

Research on failure in life

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