How to eat food : Are you eating food in wrong way

How to eat food : Are you eating food in wrong way

How to eat food : Introduction

Hey my dear reader, hope you are eating great and enjoying your life. The topic of this article is how to eat food. You might be wondering is I am mad or what as I am telling you how to eat food. It is obvious if you think so as you are eating food since childhood. But what if I Say you don’t know right way how to eat food. In this article, I will provide you 10 points which will clarify whether you eating right or wrong.


* importance of how to eat food
* drawbacks of your current situation
* how to eat food
* Conclusion

Importance of how to eat food

Do you know food and the way you eat it is the total deciding factor of your health…Everything means everything. It includes your nutrition posture, the way you eat food. In short, if I say how to eat food.
Almost every disease you are suffering or your family members are suffering or will going to suffer everything except a few things which are hereditary.
If you start eating the way it needs to be then you never need to visit a doctor for anything.
Just imagine a life without disease, laziness and full of endurance.
Everything means everything would going to change just by the thing how to eat food.

Drawbacks of the current situation

Poor nutrition

1. Your current situation is very dangerous in term of nutrition, as per data of government of South Australia health website, poor nutrition in short-term basis can cause tiredness, laziness, down feelings, lack of strength and endurance etc.
2. Poor nutrition for a long time can cause deadly disease like

* being overweight or obese – cause of 3,000,00 death per year alone in united states
* tooth decay – this can create lots of pain and in case not treated well it may cause death also
* high blood pressure – this increase the risk of heart diseases and strokes which are the major cause of death
* high cholesterol – as per CDC, More than 29 million American itself have a higher cholesterol level that is greater than 240 mg/dl. It is also the reason behind heart disease and stroke which are the top cause of death
* heart disease and stroke – top in the list of the reason of death
* type-2 diabetes – as per world health organization in 2016 diabetes was a direct cause of 1.6 million death and the person suffering from this increased from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014.
* osteoporosis – it is the condition in which bones become weak. It can cause premature death.
* some cancers – cancer is a well-known disease and it does not need an introduction, it can make patient life like hell
* depression – depression data is quite depressing but true. Majority of the world population are suffering from depression and the highest rate of suicide is done due to depression only.
* eating disorders- if we are talking about and not talk about eating disorder then it will be totally unfair. It won’t cause death but can cause many near to death diseases in which you feel like death.

Multiple mind eating

* This is the word you never heard before so let me define it first, it means what you are thinking while eating, or what you are doing while eating. For example, if you eating and watching tv, or if you are eating and using your smartphone, these are a few examples, in short, if I say dual or multiple thoughts in your mind.
then you might be thinking what the big deal in doing that then my dear friend in that case mind start working on that condition rather than digestion of food. Due to this food does not able to digest properly.

Bad posture while eating

* Research shows about 27% of people don’t eat in good posture while eating and that put body in trouble which makes food digestion complex process due to which the body not able to absorb nutrient.

Bad posture after eating

* Many of you sleep in a different direction after eating, like left, right, front and back, but which position is right I will tell you later on this article but what wrong is back, means your stomach on the opposite side which make the digestive system totally opposite as it has to be.


* The major cause of food get rotten is the time of drinking water, that you drink after food.

How to eat food

* eat a balanced diet with proper nutrition like protein fiber, vitamins , minerals, carbohydrates, and fats
* chew food well so that it becomes perfect for your digestive system to digest.
* keep your back straight and leg folded while eating and avoid eating while laying down on the bed.
* Always lay down in the left side as it is the best position for digestive system or you could have a walk of 20 min after eating(it fasten your metabolism)
* Never drink water just after eating, give a gap of at least 30 min
* Eat 3 hours before sleeping so that body gets proper time to digest it
* Never watch tv, use mobile or anything while eating, when you eat just focus on eating, it helps your mind to digest your food properly
* Avoid eating outside food, or if you eat so do check care of hygiene because non-hygienic food does not always show instant side effect and damage your internal organ in longer duration


At conclusion point I have to say , you born with perfect body , you make it full of diseases by your daily eating habits and if you don’t want to spend a awful life or spend thousands of dollars in curing diseases which was created by yourself. So , take care of yourself and think for yourself. 
Bad habits attracts more but good habits attracts success. 

These were the top tips how to eat food, hope you like it, if you liked so then don’t forget to share on Facebook,WhatsApp ,Twitter, and all social networking site and become a well-wisher for your friends and family. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get out article info directly to your email inbox. 


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