Depression – Reasons of depression

Depression – Reasons of depression

DEPRESSION -Reason of depressions

Hello, my dear friends, I hope you are doing well. In this series of articles, I ‘ll cover the most important thing in life that is depression. I’ll talk about depression its cause and sign that will tell you whether you are depressed or not and how you can get out of it. So the first topic is the reason for depressions.
First of all, understand this fact everyone in this world is suffering or suffered or will going to be suffering from depression.
Depression is not any crime, it’s just a mental biological state.

What is depression?

Depression is a biological mental state in which a person may feel low, lonely and feel kinda failure and then some people face suicidal thoughts. People feel like there is no purpose in their life and existence. They are good for nothing.
Here point to consider is there is nothing new in it. Everyone is either suffered or suffering from this kind of feeling, whether they are celebrity, successful persons or common persons.

Reason of depression

The biggest reason for depression is the comparison. Majority of people dream to live like someone’s else life. Social networking sites are the major reason for depression. Social networking sites are made only to show off how awesome life people are living and then if you see that you like my life is boring and I am good for nothing. This friend of mine is achieved so much in his/her life and I am still living this kinda life.
My dear the reality is no one is happy in this world especially those who do show off kinda things on social networking sites. They just want to show their life is awesome. In reality, no one life is awesome. Everyone has to go through the struggle phase, depression phase, failure phase, sadness phase and then success and glory phase. It’s so normal. But due to show off of the people o the social networking sites you start feeling like the failure.

You start thinking you have done nothing in your life. Stop these things by seeing someone or seeing something then comparing yourself with that situation. There is no point in doing that. Everyone has their own story and own phase of time to get the thing they deserve. So stop comparing.
The 2nd reason of depression is a failure, if you go through some interview or some kinda exam and unfortunately not able to select in it then most of the people feel depressed for being jobless. But as I said there is a time for everything who know you might deserve something better than your previous one.

Feeling low is ok but feeling to give up is not okay.
The 3rd reason of depression among the majority is relationship problem. Either family problem or your breakup with the girlfriend or boyfriend is a major cause of depression. Yeah, I know its hard to leave or forget someone whom you loved so much and that person left you alone. But this is the life where this happens, someone close to you might go away from you, might be dead or might be a way for some other reason but its life and its natural. You have to admit its life and it happens. So that’s all for today. Thank you for reading have a great day ahead.

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