Controlling anger – Why anger is your biggest enemy

Controlling anger – Why anger is your biggest enemy

Overview : controlling anger

What is anger- controlling anger

You already aware of this term anger and it must be in your daily habit to become angry twice or thrice a day at minimum.
It is part of every human being, but have you ever thought even your small anger is so dangerous for your body. How? I will describe later on this article. Let’s start with the reason of anger and after that we will discuss about controlling anger.

In day to day life, the most common reason is Disappointment, failure, depression, unexpected things or scenario Or lost something that is necessary for you.

These are common and generalize case which covers all type of anger, think of yourself what is the reason for your anger most.
Now let me tell you whatever the reason for your anger, it affects many parts of your body and brain.

What happens inside the brain when you become angry 

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When you start becoming angry, your anger spark activates amygdala (almond-shaped neuron which plays important role in processing emotion and dysfunction in this neuron creates anxiety, autism, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and phobias).
Amygdala directly activates the hypothalamus (a neural control center at the base of the brain, concerned with hunger, thirst, safety, and other autonomic functions).

The hypothalamus signals the pituitary gland by discharging corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH- response by the body in case of stress or in case of a disease that has a symptom of inflammation.Too much of this hormone production is dangerous for brain and body. )

Then after the pituitary gland releases adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). which activates adrenal glands. Then that adrenal glands secrete stress hormones that are basically three types cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.
That is the whole process happens when you become angry, isn’t so complex process.
Now, I’ll explain what actually this stress hormone do with your body.

Effect of anger on your body- why controlling anger is necessary

In terms of heart, stress hormones increase heart rate, blood pressure, arterial tension, blood glucose level, blood fatty acid level which under extreme condition creates heart attack or stroke.
In terms of the immune system, it increases the number of infected virus cell, the incidence of cancer and decreases thyroid function, natural cell killer

In terms of digestive system, it slows down metabolism process and your blood flow.
More than above it creates headaches, decreases bone density and eyesight.
If I come to conclusion if you do continuous anger then you ‘ll be surrounded by thousands of diseases.

If I go more deep in science then every second in your body millions of cell born and dies and in 28 days your whole body structure changes to a new human. The cell made born inside you during the phase of anger are not able to develop completely which make them die quickly. That is the reason for a person having a non-glowing face.
Now all about reason and effect now come to the solution of it. So here is the point on health which will help you in controlling anger.

Anger affecting relationships

We are a humans.So, we need to maintain relationships with different different peoples. But when it comes to anger , We don’t spare anyone. We say so hurtful sentences to our closed one. Consequences of that create issue in relationship and later we feel regret of it.

How to control anger – controlling anger

Let me tell you, anger is not always bad. Yeah, it is not bad but it depends upon situation and purpose of anger. If you anger is for good reason then it will get converted into energy which helps you in achieving your goal.

In case of failure just wake up man, it’s not the time for anger, its time for a bounce back.

In case of something unexpected happens with you try to tackle it with calmness rather than showing anger.

Take a deep breathe and think something good about the person you love or the best moment of your life. Just don’t act immediately on something in the mood of anger.

Always think before getting angry, that is there any way to sort out with affection or love. Always find alternative of anger. Anger create loss for you and not for others. You have to understand you are making your body and mind ungraceful.

The decision taken in anger is always wrong. So that’s for anger hope you learned something new.
Thank you have a nice day.These are point which is necessary for controlling anger.

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