How to change your life -Change your life in mili seconds

How to change your life -Change your life in mili seconds

Intro – how to change your life

Hey, my dear wispros, a very good time and happy new year to all of you. Today I am going to tell you how to change your life. Let take an overview


* Why is current life is not like the way you want
* How to change your life
* Conclusion- How to change your life

So, let’s start with the topic, how to change your life introduction. First, let me tell you no one in this world is happy with their life. Let me tell you an interesting story There once a king and he was the king of the entire nation, still, he was not happy. So he went to his teacher and told him although I have everything and everyone do whatever I say but still why I am not happy, what should I do to be happy. The teacher told him to wear the shirt of that man who is happy in his or her life. The king came back and announced anyone who is happy with their life come forward. Everyone there started telling their own sad story of life, problems of life. In short no one was happy. Then the king announced in his kingdom about that but no one came forward because everyone was unhappy and living ungraceful life. Then the king’s person while wondering in the kingdom found a saint. They asked him hey saint are you happy? Or your mind is peaceful? The saint answered yes I am ultimate peaceful. So the king’s men requested him to come with them. So when the saint visited the king, the king asked for his shirt. The saint said I am happy and peaceful but I don’t have any shirt. I don’t have any wishes, expectations to fulfill that is why I am happy.

Now, you must be thinking if I don’t wish then how could I fulfill my dreams? Then my answer do your work dream big and achieve big.

Why current situation is problem in answer of How to change your life

Current situation itself is a problem. Your current situation is problem-based thinking, means your current situation is wrapped around problems only. You are in the negativity swamp. And the sad part is you are going inside and inside. For this kind of negative mindset, your so-called social life is responsible. In this world, in the real world or social networking sites everyone is trying to show their lives are so perfect and the more you see it, the more you become a problem-oriented person. You start blaming yourself for everything happening around you.

The second problem is what people are saying.

This is the biggest problem what people will say about your dream, will they laugh at you? But my dear friend, dogs bark on those who are unknown to them. People who are laughing at you are judging on their capability, they don’t know your capabilities, they don’t know what you can achieve.

The third problem is dream small.

It is one of the great things that is obstruction behind the question of how to change your life. If you live in a small society your dream get confined to small things, small things like to get a job, jo get married and buy a house and a car. That’s it, are you on this earth for this purpose only. Wake up man, you are born to be great and to achieve greatness.You have to recognize your capabilities.

The fourth problem is what will happen if I failed.

In short fear is another cause by which your life is not changing and the reason you are searching how to change your life and on the fear of failure you are not doing anything and leaving like still water, but my dear friend still water is dangerous like hell. To succeed in life you need to keep moving forward without fail, that is the only choice by which you can live your life like your choice. There is no alternative of taking the risk by putting your fear and negative emotion at the mortgage. Take any example of successful people now and then they are taking the risk in life, in their choice. Now I told about problems now its time for the solution how to change your life

How to change your life

* Be solution oriented, as Einstein said you can’t solve the problem by mindset it was created. So always focus on the solution, start thinking in the term I have to change my life, I have to be rich rather than focusing oh god I am poor, I don’t have money. In short, think how you can get things done correctly.
* Stay away from the thing what people are doing in life, good or bad nothing, just keep the focus on your work.
* Ignore what people are saying, work in silence so that your success make the loud noise
* Dream as per your capability not as per your society
* Be consistent with your effort on how to change your life. Don’t just give up by small failure. Life is like a marathon and not a sprint, to get the significant result you need to put consistent effort for a longer time.



You are the master of your fate and no one can beat you until unless you give up. No one can decide your life and future until unless you give them right to do. Make yourself that much better than even god come and ask what your desire tell me.This is all about how to change your life if you like this article then do share with your family and friends. Also, subscribe to our newsletter and get a free ebook of the ultimate essence of life. Thank you for reading.

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