How to avoid sleep : 15 ways to avoid sleep if sleep is killing your dream

How to avoid sleep : 15 ways to avoid sleep if sleep is killing your dream

Intro – how to avoid sleep

Hey my dear wispros, hope you are living a happy life. Today’s topic is how to avoid sleep. It is requested by many people so I thought why not to write on this.

Overview – how to avoid sleep

  • how to avoid sleep
  • Sleep – benefits of sleeping
  • Why oversleeping is a problem.
  • How to avoid sleep

Read till the end if you want to know the answer in depth and if you want only answer then scroll down to end.

Benefits of sleeping- how to avoid sleep

* If you sleep less then it will create a hormonal imbalance which creates more appetite and which is directly proportional to weight gain
* If you will sleep less, your mind thinking power decreases, memory power decreases and decision-making process become slow.
* If you sleep less, you will face a regular headache and exhaustion of brain in less duration of time.
* During sleep your body different organ recovery process takes place, if you sleep less then for a long time it will cause deadly disease.You can read about the body clock here.
* If you do work out then you already know muscles repairing process takes place during sleeping.
* Good amount sleep prevents the risk of heart diseases and stroke.
* It is proven the fact that if you don’t sleep of 13 days, chances are high that you get brain homage, if you don’t sleep for 90 days you will die.

Now you must be thinking if sleeping is that much good then why I am writing about how to avoid sleep, then my friend by leaving your work, sleeping is life killing. ‘

Why oversleeping is a problem

Anything in less quantity or more quantity is harmful to you. In my opinion, if you don’t have to do anything then you must take a sleep rather than doing wrong things.

The disadvantage of sleeping on important time

* It will make you lazy.
* if oversleeping become habit for you then it will surely become a reason for your life devastation.
* You already heard of the fact that book is our best friend and nothing is better than a book when it comes to knowledge. It is quite true because an author shares his total experience in thin books. But what is the real problem, when you start studying book, you start feeling sleepy.

It’s not only in the case of studying but also anything productive if you are doing then you start feeling sleepy. Now the question is if you keep feeling sleepy, how will you achieve your dreams? How will you work hard? Then the solution to every problem is here.

How to avoid sleep: 15 ways to avoid sleep

1. Try to sleep for at least 6- 8 hours, less than that is not recommended for health and wealth reasons.
2. In case if you have to prepare for some examination or some extra work then try to use coffee to wake up as coffee act as great brain activator. It activates the mind and provides lots of energy to the brain. So if you have questioned how to avoid sleep then coffee is a one-word answer.
3. When you start feeling sleepy just wash your face with cold water
4. When you start feeling sleepy then try to walk on the terrace or open space and take deep breathing in fresh air
5. When you start feeling sleepy then make your room brighter with light as light is only way brain understand it is day or night. If it will get dim light it will think its night and if it will get bright light then it will think its a day. So the best way to avoid sleep is to make your room brighter,
6. Avoid studying by laying on the bed and opt for chair table or some uncomfortable position, because comfortness give body relaxation and it sleeps faster than normal.
7. listen to music, soothing and relaxing music works best for sleeping and motivational and enthusiastic songs make you awakening. So you can try out this too as a solution of how to avoid sleep.
8. talk with friends or your close person. This works great when you talk with your friends or family, it releases dopamine and your sleep will fly away.
9. do some kind of cardio like high knees, increasing heart rate will provide a signal to mind that it is not right time to sleep.
10. If you already know you have to wake up at night then avoid eating heavy meals at dinner, heavy food makes your body heavy and that is why it starts demanding rest.
11. Give a proper reason to mind to avoid sleep. I want to explain this fact in small details. Whenever you have to do something, your mind asks for a reason to do it. Without any reason, the mind would not do anything. It is designed in that way that for everything it needs a reason. If you have a proper reason to avoid sleep then the mind will automatically start avoiding it.
12. This is the extension of point 11 but in a broader way. You have to take your responsibility. You have to understand whatever you are doing, it is for yourself only. It might be your study, career, job or own business. You are answerable to no one, only to yourself. Whatever you are doing it is for you only. Its high time you should take your responsibility. And the moment you understand your responsibility, you will never need to read how to avoid sleep.
13. start thinking about the reason what will happen if you will sleep. If nothing significant will happen then you can sleep easily but if is related to your life or career then you must need to avoid your sleep.
14. Understand the fact your hard work pays off and if you sleep for 8 hours still you will get 16 hours in hand if you remove 4 more hours for personal work still you have 12 hours left in your hand. If you do hard work in that duration of time then I am sure you don’t need to do avoid things.
15. Follow the quote early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. If you wake up early in the morning it will be even more greater than waking up late at night.

There were the 15 tips on how to avoid sleep. Hope you like it if you liked so share it on all social networking site and subscribe to our newsletter to get articles updates and also an ebook of ultimate essence of life. Thank you for giving your valuable time.

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