Are you going to be successful?

Are you going to be successful?

Are you going to be successful? These things will decide

Does not matter, what you are? What are your current situations? There are many habits you own that will decide whether you will be successful or not.

If you read the story of any successful person, you will find these habits. So read till the end.


This is the first quality that is needed to be a successful person. You need to be stubborn for the things you want. If you won’t be stubborn about small things in life then you won’t be able to retain or achieve big things in life.


This is quite funny, but a research has done in the USA where shocking result came. The research was to find out how many people have serious goals in life. In that research, researchers got only 2-3% people out of the total population have serious goals in life. It is the statistics of a developed country like the USA.
Having a serious goal in life is must to become successful. If you don’t have any serious goals, on what things you are going to work.
Serious goals are not always to do some work, it might be only money. Yes, it is true, getting rich is also a goal. In my opinion, money is one of the biggest motivation to do any kind of work.
So, if you have set some serious goal, you are ahead of billions of people. But in case you have not set your goal yet. Then think for yourself.No one else will think for you. I only can advise you but you have to take your responsibility.

3. Quick in taking action

This is another quality that decides a person’s life. Many of us think to do a lot, achieve a lot. But in real time scenario, we don’t do anything. We think we can be rich, but we don’t act on our thoughts and just continue thinking.
Thoughts won’t make you successful, you work would. If you have to achieve something in life then you need to take actions. You need to work hard and work smart.


One of my favorite quotes is Normal people read the history, Insane people create the history.
Being insane for your goal is the must. In the population of 7.5 billion people if you are not insane then you will be lost in the rush of this World. You need persistence in your life. You need to avoid procrastination. If you started something be insane for it. Do lots of hard and consistent work on it.
If you are insane for your goal then congrats you are own way of success.

5. Learning new things

Learning is a great tool to achieve great things in life. In my opinion, if you want to be something in life then be a permanent learner. If you are not learning new things everything then you are not growing.
Learning method can be anything like reading books, learning new skills, learning from peoples who have good experience in life.

6.Have patience

The problem of our life is, we are in so much hurry. We want everything as soon as possible anyhow.
We want an instant result. But my dear friend, things are not going to happen immediately. Everything you will do will take time. So you need to have patience.

This is the first part, second part will come soon. Thank you for reading.

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