How to achieve goals: Kick a goal in your life’s game

How to achieve goals: Kick a goal in your life’s game

How to achieve goals: Introduction

Hey, my dear wispros, hope you are doing well, and happy in life. Today’s topic is how to achieve goals. So let’s get directly to an overview.

Overview of how to achieve goals

* What is a goal?
* Why setting goal is necessary
* How to set goals
* How to achieve goals

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What is a goal?

The first thing comes in your mind when you hear goal is football goal. Haha just kidding, so when I say goal just think what comes in your mind and comment below. So As per my prediction, the first things come in a human mind is the success. My goal is to be successful or to be rich. But what if I say it’s not your goal, it’s just a frame of mind created by various scenario or environment around you. It is not created by you, it is created by society and how their frame of mind created? By another society. I am not saying it is wrong to set a goal for being successful or being rich is wrong. But the thing is whoever is rich is done something which is not created by society. They just did something peculiar problem-solving things.

So here comes the meaning of real goal, a goal is a series of destination for series in life. It should be created by yourself and that is what means of a goal.

Why setting of a goal is necessary? How to achieve goals 

As per research was done in the USA, only 2 % of people in the USA are living with setting goals or have goals. It is the condition of a developed country, so what about underdeveloping countries. But here I am not going to explain the data of countries, I am talking about you only, as an individual you. Goal setting means to decide a destination for a journey. Suppose if you are planning to go somewhere, then what is the first thing you will do? Obviously, decide the destination and that too after researching so much for just a journey.

My question to you is when you last time decided your life’s destination? The maximum answer would be either thought once in a month or never. What your answer comment below. So just think if you don’t set a destination where will you go and how you travel. Suppose if you want to be rich, then it’s not a goal, its a result you want. A goal is what you will do to become rich, that is a goal. And if you don’t set a goal for your life then your words will become only words like all the majority of the population.

What you are doing wrong?

The thing you are doing wrong right now is result basis thinking. You are not doing it for goals but you are doing it for the result. And my dear friend nothing in this world has been successful on the basis of results. Take any success stories example, every big company or a person had some kind of goal to fulfill, and with fulfilling the goal they became rich too.

Thinking for the result is good but focusing on goals is too important for you.
So the thing you have to do is focus on what you have to do, your work is your goal, the result will come now and then but your following your goal is important.

How to set goals? (How to achieve goals)

* You already heard of SMART rule of setting a goal, I will not tell you in detail about that I will just brief about those who don’t know where SMART stands for

1. S – specific (means you need to be clear about the path)

2. M- measurable (it should be measurable by you, how much you have to do in percentage and how much you have done)

3. A- attainable (means it should look like attainable by the mind, and with some effort start showing some result, otherwise your               mind will lose hope)

4. R – Relevant (it should be relevant to you)

5. Time-bound (you have to set a proper time to complete your goal)

That was for those who didn’t know about smart goals. Now what my opinion about goal setting

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Ways of goal settings and how to achieve goals?

1. Small goals(How to achieve goals)

A goal should be very small, for example, if you have to go somewhere and use google map for that then you will see, google map show small small steps, and not a direct straight road to your destination, in that you reach your destination easily. It means it should be that much small that you achieve it in 15 min, this will give you a feeling of winning and that how you should keep yourself motivated for progress yourself. Then set another goal for 30 min and so on and so forth keep increasing the time.

For example, if you have to do some boring work, or to study then just think, I have to read this paragraph only. Start from paragraphs, as hundreds of paragraphs create a chapter. But in real time scenario what you do, you just take the pledge to complete the whole thing at a time, and after getting fail on it, you start feeling demotivated. That is the reason you are not able to achieve your goals. The first step in how to achieve goals is, start setting very small goals and feel the achievement you get from that.

2. Writing(How to achieve goals)

Whatever small goal you will decide, write down on paper, Yeah I know it is the world of digital devices but the reality is human mind was designed millions of years ago, at that time no digital devices were present, that is the reason our mind still takes only handwritten things serious. Else otherwise thing mind won’t that much serious. So the second step in how to achieve goals is to write down on paper, it will hardly take 30 seconds to write your goals.

3.Practice(How to achieve goals)

Practice above two for a month by increasing a gradual amount of time.

4. Distribution

Now after a month, you are in the position to increase the size of your goal, start creating big goals and distribute them into small small goals with plans of execution. For example, You don’t need to aim directly to be a billionaire, you need to aim for just first million, then 10 million so on and so forth.


Start taking your own responsibilities of all Misfortunes. This is a very important point, You need to be responsible for your goals. misfortune and unfortunate things are not in our hand, it could happen with anyone, but what’s really matter, how much you are prepared for it. If you believe nothing wrong could happen to you then my friend you are living in an imaginary world. Unfortunate things are the part of life, the only thing you have to do is take responsibilities of that.

6.Consistency(How to achieve goals)

When I am talking about how to achieve the goal then consistency plays a major role. Although your goal should be small, but it should be consistent. Take small small steps but you should not be stuck at one point. Read how to move on in life here.

For example, I am again concluding the example of google map, if you park your car at one place and hope one day you will reach your destination, will you ever going to reach destination point? A big no, cause you are not moving.

7.Don’t feel guilty

It’s life and suppose if you set a goal and due to any reason, you could able to fulfill it, then in that case what actually happens, you start feeling like a failure or guilty, due to which you forget upcoming goals, in consequences of that your life remains unchangeable.

What you need to do is, you need to stop feeling guilty , if relapse of goal happens, then as per point 5 take responsibility for that and carry on with your goals.

8.Be productive(How to achieve goals)

As I mentioned in an article how do I stay motivated all the time, you can’t be motivated all the time, you can be productive for a maximum amount of time and that should be your goal. The reason behind the failure of any dream or goal is non-productive nature or laziness.

See the negative aspect of emotions are common and it is ok for some time, but if you become habituated of it, then it will become a reason for your devastation.

9.Trust on your goals(How to achieve goals)

In practical life, trust on goals at the start is tough, it might happen at the start you too don’t feel sure about your goals and that is totally fine. Just start showing trust in your goals, with time trust towards goals will increase. And a day will come when the whole world will see the transformation of your goal into reality.

10. Trust on yourself(How to achieve goals)

Trust in yourself, it is the final step in the answer of how to achieve goals. In books or written things, it sounds good, but root level reality is totally different when it comes to the matter of trust yourself, you are the first one who gives up. You are the first one who starts doubting on yourself. Self-doubt is a major reason due to which a majority of people are not able to achieve goals.

You just need to start trusting on yourself irrespective of situations, irrespective of what other people are saying. In the way of destination, you are the only friend of yourself. You have to find out your weakness, shortcomings and work on improving it.

That’s all for this article how to achieve goals, hope you like it. If you liked so then don’t forget to implement it in your life. Also, share your views in the comment section. Do subscribe to our newsletter to get our article updates directly to your inbox. Thank you for giving your valuable time.

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