5 healthy foods that you think unhealthy

5 healthy foods that you think unhealthy

5 healthy foods that you think unhealthy

Hey, my dear reader, hope you are doing great in life. In this article, I am going to tell you about 5 healthy foods that you think unhealthy but it is actually healthy for you.

So here is the list 5 healthy foods that you think unhealthy

  1. Ghee – This is so common myth that ghee makes you fat or ghee is so unhealthy. But this is not the case, ghee is very good for health. Ghee is only fat that fastens the metabolism( the process of digestion of food). So, it won’t make you fat. As per research ghee also helps in weight loss.
    All the myth are created by the oil companies to sell their products. And with time Ghee(clarified butter) created a bad image among people. It is very good to include ghee in your diet daily.
  2. Peanut – People always underrate this over almond. Almond is good, but peanut is super as per its price nothing can beat peanut in terms of protein, fat and carbs content.
  3. Butter – Butter is also great for health. It adds lots of value to your health. But it should be less than 10% of overall calories.
  4. Curd without salt or sugar – Many of you eat curd by putting salt or sugar in it. But eating without sugar or salt make it a super food. Curd contains so much helpful bacteria, but when you put sugar or salt in it, it kills beneficial bacteria and thus curd become useless. So it is very good to eat curd without putting anything in it
  5. Dark chocolates – you might have heard people say not to eat chocolates as it damages your teeth and also not good for health. But in reality, it is very healthy for you. As per research, it relaxes blood vessels, act as antioxidants and also reduce the risk of heart disease. So from now if someone will tell you to not to eat chocolate share them this article. Bingoooooo..Isn’t great to include 5 healthy foods that you think unhealthy in your diet. I must say it is very important.

This is all for this short and simple article 5 healthy foods that you think unhealthy to make you aware of science-based knowledge on things which is necessary for you to eat and avoid. This was important to write because we people get easily influenced by the manipulative advertisement or words by others. But you are living in the 21st century, where you have to put the brain on everything that you hear about foods. If you find that food really bad as per research then don’t eat it.


But don’t just believe your neighbor words. Do proper research before putting anything inside your body. You don’t know how it will react to your body. A dangerous thing might damage your internal organs and you will have to pay a heavy sum of money to cure it. So precaution is better than prevention.

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