25 amazing and unknown facts about mobile phones

25 amazing and unknown facts about mobile phones

Top 25 facts about using your smartphones and some of their popular apps

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well in life. This is a great topic series in which I will tell you 25 facts about your daily usage things that you must need to know.

This in on the mobile phone and I hope you will enjoy knowing these facts


1. The first Mobile telephonic service was started by AT & T in 1946 in which caller had to press the button to speak and release it to listen. The weight of the equipment was almost 36 kg. Isn’t so much heavy. It was expensive too, as per month cost was 15 USD and per call, the cost was 0.30 dollars at that time.

2. The first mobile phone was introduced by Motorola, it was of 1.1 kg and it used to give talk time of 30 min on the charge of 10 hours. For that time it was a big achievement.

3. The first US 1G cellular network phone named DYNATAC 8000X was launched by Ameritech. It used to give 35 minutes talk time on the charge of 10 hours

4. In 1991, the first 2G network was launched in Finland. In which GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) was developed by Europeans and CDMA was developed by US Countries

5. The first machine generated SMS was sent on 3 December 1992.The first SMS from person to person was sent

6. In 1993 World’s first smartphone IBM SIMON was launched. It included clock, calculator, notepad, email, calendar, address book, and a touchscreen with a QWERTY keyboard.

7. The first Commerical 3G network was launched by Tata DoCoMo on October 1, 2001.


8. The most downloaded app across the World is Whatsapp messenger which was created by a person who rejected by Facebook for a job. Later on, Facebook bought Whatsapp for 22 billion in 2012.

9. Whatsapp never spent a penny on the marketing of WhatsApp. The growth of Whatsapp was totally organic.

10. Your mobile phone carries 100 times more bacteria than the toilet flush. So you better not to use during eating.

11. You brain nerve react so much with phone radiation. Longtime heavy using the phone can cause nerve damage or brain cancer. However short duration usage would not affect so much.

12. Apple spends the maximum amount among all mobile phone manufacturer in R and D( research and development).

13. Apple earns the profit of 120-200 % from their iPhone.That is the reason iPhones are expensive.

14. 43% people use to open google just to check their internet connection

15. Android users are more in the world than Ios users.

16. It is always advisable to keep your phone 6 feet away before sleeping. Closer than this can cause many brain diseases

17. 61% people below 30s prefer to keep their phone in silent mode or in vibration mode.

18. As per a survey, 39% people use flight mode rather than switching off their mobile phone

19. The average usage time of smartphone usage in the USA Is 4.8 hours while in a country like India it is 8.9 hours per day.

20. India rank is highest in holding fake id’s on facebook

21. You phone emit blue light which is very dangerous for your eyes and it can damage your eyes.

22. Late night usage of smartphone decrease melatonin(the hormone responsible for sleeping).

23. Many application in your phone actually captures what you are speaking casually with others. It not on call conversation but your general person to person talk. Indirectly you allow them to do so by accepting their terms and condition.

24. You call log, messages, gallery are accessible by many apps you use. So, use only trusted apps. The untrusted apps may be dangerous for your privacy reasons.

25. Your browsing history is monitored by web browsers, Internet providers and social networks in which you already logged in.So next time be safe in browsing everything. You are not only watching it, but many others are also too.

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